In the world we live in, people have little control over the volume of the music in a restaurant or who ends up sitting next to you on an airplane.
Here's a list of the best birthday freebies (and how to sign up).
Heart health is affected by many things and the body does not “magically” overcome them all.
So, you’re on board with the plan: small kitchen swaps for the win! What are we swapping?
An early autism diagnosis validated our concerns as parents, empowered us to become educated, and provided a roadmap of possibilities.
Give an early Christmas present with the Cooper Aerobics winter break Fit & Fun Camp!
Whether you're training for your first 5K ever, your first 5K postpartum, or your hundredth 5K, including your baby as your training partner can make for a rewarding experience. Running has been an important part of my life for more...
Disclaimer :: This article is sponsored by OSIM to bring you details on special deals. Remember when you put your needs before others and did regular self-care? Yeah, we don't either. Though we wouldn't trade the world for our kiddos,...
The holidays can be tough for many reasons. All the planning in the world won’t alleviate the unknowns and “what ifs” ahead. Oh, let me count the ways things can go awry. As moms, we worry about everything from what...
When facing a steady diet of holiday cocktails and late-night sugar cookies, you may find yourself in search of a little more balance. Use this round-up of local fun runs in Dallas to get your steps in, support good...
Disclaimer: This article is written and sponsored by Cooper Aerobics to highlight its youth tennis programs. Visit to register for Fit & Fun Day Camps in Dallas this winter break (December 19 – 21 and 28 – 30,...
I’m the mom who’s always running — running out the door in the morning, running between meetings, furiously trying to leave work on time, apologizing to my toddler for picking him up late — running between the two...




Activities for Kids with Differences and Disabilities in the Dallas Area

Dallas Moms polled mamas throughout the area for trusted venues that provide support and creative play solutions for your child's needs.