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Find something you like to do. Is it running, walking, lifting weights, biking, swimming?
The best way to garden with your toddler is to start at the very beginning together.
If doctors qualify pregnancies after 35 as geriatric, then at 41, I was undoubtedly ancient.
To save you all some time and energy, here is an alphabetized list of ideas to assist with planning of the centuplicate day.
I grew up loving school, though I might be raising a son who doesn't always share the same affinity for academics.
Disclaimer :: This article contains sponsored content provided by Our Redeemer Lutheran School. When considering private school in Dallas, you'll notice that many of the local private schools have a religious affiliation. So, what does that mean? What can you...
At this point in your parenting journey (and in your life), you've certainly heard mention of Montessori school. But unless you've had personal experience with one, you may not know exactly what Montessori entails.
This article has been sponsored by The Nest Schools. All opinions are our own. I'll never forget how lost I felt when I started looking at preschools for my firstborn. We were living in a new city, and preschool was...
This article is sponsored by the YMCA of Metropolitan Dallas. All opinions are our own. Friendly reminder for anyone who needs after school care in Dallas or the surrounding areas! We love the YMCA around here, from their family-oriented atmosphere to...
I knew this day was coming, I just wasn’t expecting it so quickly. Over the summer, the girls and I decided to homeschool for a second year. A few weeks ago, I was in the middle of buying our...
The beginning of a new school year means getting to know a new teacher. And every year, I send an email to our teacher to outline what I want him or her to know about my kid. This year,...
Few events are more traditional and decidedly Texan than the State Fair of Texas. The annual event brings together Dallasites, Texans from across the state, and friends and family from afar eager to join the fun. School children even...