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When Intervention is Needed :: Lip Ties, Tongue Ties, and Frenectomies

This post has been sponsored by myKIDSdds to provide more information about a very common dental problem among children. We hope this guest post provides helpful answers for our readers!  I am writing this for...

From Camp to the Classroom :: A Summer Supplement To The School Year

This post has been sponsored by Cooper Fitness to bring you this experience. Capture the flag, swimming, arts and crafts, and sports are all camp activities that come to mind when your children reflect on...

Estate Planning is for Everyone :: 3 Things to do Now

Why is there so much to think about when it comes to estate planning? And, why should I deal with it NOW, and not when I'm thinking about retirement or leaving heirloom jewelry to...

5 Tips To Improve Your Sex Life from a Very Happy Woman

Oh sex. The topic is as taboo as money and politics. Why though? I have sex. You have sex. We all have sex. And, let me tell you a secret. It can be ahhhhhmazing...

Help Your Kids Strive for {Resiliency} this Summer at Camp

Summer activities in 2021 will feel a little different than they did in 2020. After a successful summer camp season in 2020 at Cooper Fitness Center, our goal is to meet the campers where...

Professional Air Duct Cleaning vs DIY :: Which his Better?

The First and Most Important Thing What’s the first thing - the very first thing - that a baby does after it’s born? Breathe. None of us can do anything without fresh air. Oxygen is life. For...

Navigating the NEW School Normal :: Balancing Socialization, Physical Activity, and Mental Health

Back to school looks different for every family due to COVID-19. I chatted with five local families about the upcoming school year, and interestingly enough, each family chose a different approach to the start...

How Girls Inc. is Lifting my Daughter’s Spirits (and Saving my Sanity) during COVID-19

Let me set the stage for you: It’s early March and Spring Break is right around the corner. My family has plans to visit Disney World and our daughter has been looking forward to...
family law dfw

Thriving Through Crisis with Family Law DFW

There's nothing like a pandemic to stop in your tracks and finally force you to evaluate your life choices. Who hasn't begun to question habits, routines, schedules, and yes, maybe even a relationship? The...
Cooper Aerobics

Fixed vs. Growth Mindsets at Summer Camp

This post has been sponsored by Cooper Aerobics to bring you this experience. Cooper Camps Help Kids Develop Lifelong Skills When it comes to a child’s happiness, most moms would boast they put their child’s happiness...

10 Reasons to Give Tennis A Try

**This post has been sponsored by Cooper Fitness Center to bring you this experience!** As a year-round sport, tennis has many benefits to encourage you to pick up a racket. Tennis programming at Cooper Fitness...

The Ribbon I Wasn’t Expecting to Wear

Last October, while I was at work I received a call that changed my life. My doctor’s office called to tell me I had been diagnosed with breast cancer. I was terrified! My thoughts...