Jennifer Fiske

Jennifer ("Jenn") Fiske grew up in San Antonio as the only-child from a military family. She's lived in DFW for ten years with her husband, and their family has grown to include their toddler son and a sweet puppy. Jenn is a registered dietitian nutritionist with a master's in exercise & sports nutrition. She worked with FC Dallas for several seasons while also coaching gymnastics at WOGA Frisco. She's also worked with Medical City Healthcare, DFW Airport, and Frisco ISD. Jenn is a self-proclaimed bookworm who bakes when she's stressed. Jenn loves being active through strength training and yoga and exploring parks with her son. When it comes to family feeding and nutrition, Jenn believes keeping things simple and lighthearted paves the way for enjoyable family meals.
A girl in a gymnastics leotard stretches to the side.

A Coach’s Tips for Choosing a Gymnastics Program in Dallas

Gyms are known for the quality of their programs. Research gyms and programs with your child in mind. The goal is to set them up for success and fun! 
A variety of colored balloons float to the ceiling.

How I’m Staying Healthy and Finding Balance to Celebrate 35

Looking ahead to the next five years, I see the best version of myself. Nothing happens my chance, so I made a plan to support my future self.
Working mom at a computer writing.

5 Tips for Maintaining Career Growth as a New Mom

As a new mom, you're excited to leave work on time and be with your baby. Invest your time and energy in opportunities that fit your new schedule and professional goals.
Ten white tiles with black writing spell Amazing Dad with a corkboard background.

Easy Ways to Celebrate Dad Every Day

Disclaimer :: This article contains affiliate links. Dallas Moms may receive a commission if you make a purchase using these links. Thanks for supporting our small business!  Parenting is tough. In the chaos of drop-offs,...
A baby stands behind a white babygate.

How to Childproof Your Home Without Losing Your Aesthetic

I've heard stories of wild and disastrous situations at the hands of kids. I've also seen homes with few signs of children in common spaces. My approach was to tackle the big hazards and navigate the rest as we went. So far, so good.
A new mom holds her infant on her chest.

How to Thrive During the Infant Stage

While I'm no parenting expert, I have supported moms and seen them thrive. Dare I say, I thrived. My journey wasn't perfect, but I'm thankful for the foundation I built during the first year.
Three preschoolers sit on the ground with the middle child embracing them.

How to Choose a Daycare :: Tips for First-Time Moms

Of all the decisions I made as a first-time mom, choosing a daycare was the toughest. I couldn't find a cheat sheet or checklist to guide me. So I made one!
Cleaning supplies such as rubber gloves, multipurpose solution, and towels.

5 Tips to Streamline Your Spring Cleaning

Spring-cleaning can be daunting. Tackle what you can and create a plan for the rest.
Three hearts, cut out of construction paper, hang on a clothes pins and spell "mom" written in crayon.

Heart Health Tips for Mom, the Heart of the Home

Heart health is affected by many things and the body does not “magically” overcome them all.
A mom holds her daughter as she reaches for a mushroom in the produce section of a grocery store.

5 Easy Food Swaps for Healthy Eating {PRINTABLE Grocery List Included!}

So, you’re on board with the plan: small kitchen swaps for the win! What are we swapping?
A table filled with holiday dishes.

How to Have a Healthy, Happy Holidays

The holidays can be tough for many reasons. All the planning in the world won’t alleviate the unknowns and “what ifs” ahead. Oh, let me count the ways things can go awry. As moms, we...
gratitude journal for moms

Embracing Gratitude as A Busy Mom

I’m the mom who’s always running — running out the door in the morning, running between meetings, furiously trying to leave work on time, apologizing to my toddler for picking him up late ...