Dallas Moms Pregnancy & Postpartum Support Guide

This guide has been sponsored by local partners to bring you details on Dallas pregnancy and postpartum resources and is intended to be an all-inclusive resource for moms across the metroplex.
Guide to Pregnancy and Postpartum Support in Dallas

Being pregnant in a major metropolitan city like Dallas means you have options. Do I want a hospital birth? Do I want a midwife? Should I get a doula? What’s a good childbirth class to take? Who can help with breastfeeding? Is a night nurse worth it?

It can all get a bit overwhelming. So we’ve rounded up lots of local resources to help you on your journey. Poke around and see what’s what, from hospitals near you to postpartum support.

Whether you’re pregnant with your first or your fourth, having a baby is major, and knowledge is power. Get involved, be informed!

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