Dallas Moms Pregnancy & Postpartum Support Guide

This post has been sponsored by Harmony Baby Concierge and other partners to bring you details on Dallas pregnancy and postpartum resources and is intended to be an all-inclusive resource for moms across the metroplex.

Being pregnant in a major metropolitan city like Dallas means you have options. Do I want a hospital birth? Do I want a midwife? Should I get a doula? What’s a good childbirth class to take? Who can help with breastfeeding? Is a night nurse worth it?

It can all get a bit overwhelming. So we’ve rounded up a lot of local resources to help you on your journey. Poke around and see what’s what, from local hospitals to postpartum support.

Whether you’re pregnant with your first or your fourth, having a baby is major, and knowledge is power. Get involved, be informed!

Harmony Baby Concierge is a boutique postpartum support agency founded to serve families who want the highest level of in-home support possible after bringing home their new baby. They work with families who value personal connection, collaboration, respect, and education that results in bettering themselves as parents and people. For many families, bringing home a new baby is the most joyous and often stressful time of their lives. It can be overwhelming to have a brand new tiny human for which you are now solely responsible. Throughout history, humans have always had postpartum support in the form of community and villages, banding together to support new parents. As our society shifts away from traditional community living, professional postpartum care is so greatly needed.

Harmony has a team of well-trained and certified Newborn Care Specialists, Postpartum Doulas, and Night Nurses who provide customized care & parent education in the first weeks home as well as handling all baby care overnight, baby laundry, cleaning & sterilizing bottles + pump parts, and helping to implement a gentle routine. Their services include: Overnight and 24/7 Newborn Care, Gentle Sleep Conditioning/Training, Lactation Support, Postpartum Doula Care, New Parent Education classes and Virtual Support.

To learn more about the services offered at Harmony Baby Concierge, visit their links:


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