6 Ways Moms Can Ward Off the Seasonal Blues


Daylight savings and early sunsets mixed with cold temperatures can be the perfect combination for seasonal blues. Instead of letting the blues take you down, consider the ways they can lift you up. Try some of these seasonal blues-zappers to help you find joy all around.

Get Out and Move

Thankfully, Texas has cooled off for the time being and that gives us more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors. There’s nothing quite like the feel of sun and a breeze on your face — a seldom luxury for us — to help clear your mind. It just takes some planning ahead to enjoy. I enjoy taking the kids to explore a hiking trail at a local park, or taking a solo walk around my neighborhood. For the latter, I will often put it in the family calendar so everyone knows mom will be unavailable.

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Update the Calendar

It’s not just the cold that contributes to seasonal blues; it’s the business of the season, too. Fall and winter months are swamped with school activities, holidays, parties, and the inevitable “snow” day. So, it’s hard to find time to relax and enjoy it all.

During these months, your calendar is your best friend. As soon as I get an invite or school announcement, I add them to our family calendar. You better believe I schedule time for date night and self care, too! My calendar has saved us a snafu or two, and I’m so glad I remembered to write it all down.

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get outside to ward off seasonal blues

Shop online

One of the greatest gifts I ever gave myself was online shopping! I rarely go to an actual store anymore. If I can’t ship it or pick it up, it probably won’t happen! It’s so much easier to place an order or have things shipped to me. I am constantly buying gifts this season and now I don’t mind doing it from the comfort of my flannel pajamas. Your future self will thank you for using your time wisely!

Just Say No

I always say: This is the time of year to be selfish. No, really! You’re already giving and donating and doing for others, but don’t forget about your own joy. The next time someone asks for something or invites you to an event, take a long hard look at it and ask yourself: Will this bring me joy? Moms spend so much time making sure everything is perfect for others that we forget to take care of ourselves. You can’t serve others if your joy is gone. There’s no reason to run yourself ragged this time of year.

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Treat Yourself

Does watching another Hallmark movie bring you joy? What about getting the red cup at Starbucks? Maybe you want to bake cupcakes for NO REASON. Do it! Moms forget to take care of themselves all the time, but especially during winter months. We should do what makes us happy, no matter what. Put that on the family calendar, too!

Sad woman looks out the window on a rainy day.Manage Your Expectations

Even after you have implemented all these helpful tips for repelling the seasonal blues, you should still manage your expectations this season. Do you know that going to aunt Michelle’s house will be a long trip that no one will enjoy? Then why are you doing it? Maybe you guys can change the location or find another time to visit. Either way, this season we should do things that bring us joy instead of setting ourselves up for failure. Don’t expect that this time will be different when you’ve been doing it for years!

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Now’s the time to plan ahead so that this winter you’re finding joy in all you do. After all, we don’t get too many cool-weather months here in North Texas. Schedule ahead and give yourself allowance to experience less downs and more of the ups that this season has to offer.


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