Cheri Whitelock

Cheri is a true Texan, born in McKinney and has lived all over the metroplex! She currently calls Rockwall home where she lives with her BBQ smoking husband and two adventurous boys, Liam who is 10 and August who is 7. When she isn’t teaching full time or taking the boys to sports of all sorts, she enjoys being outside with her family, traveling, writing, reading, entertaining at their home and helping her husband expand their BBQ business! You can find her writing at Lake Mom Life .
Preston Hollow

Neighborhood Fave Five :: Rockwall, TX

This post is part of our Neighborhood Fave Five Series. Check out our other entries to learn more about the different Dallas neighborhoods and suburbs from moms who live there! I have worked in Rockwall,...

On a Journey for Joy this December

In July of 2018, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. It was the worst day of my life and the years since then have been pretty traumatic and heartbreaking, yet here I stand today....

Breast Cancer Survivor :: I Wear Pink Year Round

My grandfather and my great grandmother both died from cancer. My grandma had three different types of cancer including breast cancer followed by a mastectomy. It’s not like I didn’t know my chances. Every...

Fall Fashion Must-Haves for 2020

Fall fashion must-haves for this year certainly will put your closet to the test!  Will I be working from home?  Will we be going out for dinner?  Can we have a party with our friends?  So many questions!...

{NEW} Communication Tips for School in 2020

I've been a teacher for 16 years and to say this year has been like none other is quite an understatement. No one knew that in March we would start a six-month spring break...

Dining Around Town :: Restaurants for Keeping Up with the “Cool Kids”

As a teacher and parent of two active boys who play sports, we live an extremely busy lifestyle. It would be easy to say we are too tired to go out and just stay...

It’s National Brisket Day! :: My Favorite Dallas BBQ Joints

If you live in Texas, lucky you! Texas is famous for having some of the best mouth-watering, stomach-filling brisket! If you live northeast of Dallas, you're in even more luck because some of the...

On Growing Up :: When they Don’t Need You Anymore

I will never forget the day my first son was born. We went in the night before to start the delivery process and when nothing happened, they broke my water the next morning. After...

How to Do Valentine’s Day with Kids

In our home, Valentine’s Day is about celebrating the love we have as a family, not just the romantic stuff. We've tried to create traditions that include our kids and other family members. Showering...

Want to Go on a Family Camping Trip? No Tent Required!

You and your family and friends have decided to take a camping trip. Now what? So many questions to think about: When will you go?  Where should you go? Where will you stay? Who is going with you? What supplies...