How to Celebrate National Best Friends Day!


celebrate national best friends dayNational Best Friends Day is Wednesday, June 8, and it’s a great opportunity to celebrate those people in your life who you consider your best friends. If you’re anything like me, you have many best friends—something I’m not embarrassed to admit! I’m lucky enough to have encountered some of the best friends a girl could find, but I also think it’s partly because I try to be the best friend I can be.

Why Do We Need Best Friends?

Research has shown that having friends are beneficial to our health, whether it’s one or 10. They’re a sounding board when we are down or need advice. They provide us a chance to relax and laugh together. Best friends can become a safe haven for us when life proves daunting. The adventures of life are richer, knowing you have a best friend by your side. Whether those best friends have been around since sixth grade or you just met last year through your child’s T-ball team, keeping them close to our heart and minds will always bring us joy! 

How to Celebrate Best Friends Day

I try and celebrate my best friends year-round. I’m always up for a birthday celebration or an exciting event, no matter the cause. Tiff’s Treats, Crumbl Cookies, and our local florist have become my best friends too because they deliver! I also love to send and receive mail. Every time I go to Trader Joe’s, I grab five of their fun greeting cards for any occasion. You never know when you’ll want to send a message or let someone know you’re thinking about them. Shutterfly and Snapfish run great deals every month, and I love to print pictures or fun photo gifts for my friends. 

Ways to Be a Good Best Friend

I pride myself on my organizational skills and ability to multitask—being a good best friend requires that sometimes!

  • First, I keep all my best friends’ birthdates in our family calendar. A text, call, or post on social media can go a long way!
  • Second, I make notes of friend’s important events in our family calendar, such as their surgeries or family vacations. That way I can visit, cook something, or just call to check on them and their family.
  • Third, I make being a good best friend a priority. And because of this, my best friends do the same. 

Be an Instigator

But in a good way! Call or text your friend. Let them know you’re thinking about them. Set up a date with that friend. Invite them over, even if it’s last minute. Or maybe it’s not! One of my best friends and I schedule dinner every month. We set aside that time for ourselves and our families. Sometimes, I’ll go on an errand date with a best friend. Who doesn’t need to run to the grocery store or Target? 

I often joke that my best friends and I could rule the world! June 8 is a great time to thank those important best friends in our lives, whether it’s our spouses, friends, or family. Thankfully, most times, those best friends become our family. Now go plan to celebrate! 

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