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When I recently polled my closest teacher friends, they definitively said that the 2021–2022 school year has been the hardest of their careers; even despite the initial pandemic upheaval in 2020. Teacher responsibilities are high, student motivation is low, and community support varies from zero to overwhelmingly supportive. Being a teacher has never been harder, and this school year has definitely set a precedent for teachers’ lives in the future and how education is viewed.

As a teacher for the last 17 years, I know firsthand the expectations, responsibilities, and stress of being a teacher. At this point in the year, you may find teachers counting down the days until school’s out. Students are tired and so are the teachers! We’re looking for anything to help us through, and I was so thankful I got to try the Advocare Glow® products to help me feel great these last few weeks of the school year! 

Teacher Appreciation Week GIVEAWAY

Dallas Moms knows the value in celebrating our teachers and all they do for our students and community! To celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week, May 1–7, Advocare is giving away a prize package to 100 deserving winners! You can nominate your favorite teacher here by filling out this form on Connect.

AdvoCare Teacher Giveaway

From the pool of nominations, 100 teachers will be randomly selected to receive a Grand Prize of the Complete AdvoCare Glow® System, a bag of Spark® Fruit Punch, and a bag of AdvoCare Rehydrate® Berry Lemon Ice. Let me tell you a little bit more about the products that make up the Complete Glow® System:

AdvoCare Glow® Skin and Hair & Nails  

AdvoCare Glow® Skin comes in softgel form, and AdvoCare Glow® Hair & Nails comes in tablet form. I take these at night, right before bedtime. These last few weeks of school would normally require my hair up and lots of makeup to cover my tired eyes, but I have actually received compliments on my hair and skin! 

AdvoCare Glow products, Teacher Appreciation Giveaway

AdvoCare Glow® Collagen

AdvoCare Glow® Collagen comes in a bag of individual stick packs that you mix with 8-oz. of water. I have been starting my workday with one of the Cherry Berry flavored stick packs in my water, and it has been a game changer. The flavor is delicious! As a teacher, it can be hard to stay properly hydrated every day but starting my mornings off with a Glow stick pack really encourages me to get my recommended daily amount of water.

Everyone has a favorite teacher in their lives, and now is the time to nominate them for this amazing giveaway! Plus, learn more about AdvoCare on their website and social channels:


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