Best of 2018 :: Your Favorite DMB Posts This Year


Put a pin in 2018 because it is DONE, y’all. And now’s the time to reflect on a year’s worth of content with a classic top 10 list. I will read a top 10 list about anything. Send me all of them. Today we bring you your favorite DMB posts, the ones you clicked on and shared the most. There’s some really good stuff in here, so let’s get right to it.

Top 10 Most Popular DMB Posts in 2018

crayola experience review top 101. Crayola Experience Plano :: 5 Things To Know Before You Go by Krystal Hurst

When an entry ticket is on the pricey side, it’s always nice to have a complete rundown of what to expect. Krystal is so comprehensive here, and I LOVE IT.


homeless students dallas DISD2. Did You Know? There are 3500 Homeless Students in Dallas ISD by Kristi Walters

Kristi brings us up to speed on a heartbreaking issue faced by too many kids in our city. And she tells us how we can help. A crucial read.


mom-friendly swimsuit guide mom bathing suits3. A Mama-Friendly Swimsuit Guide by Andrea Coker

Struggling to feel confident in your post-baby body is not fun. Check these tips from Andrea on how to shop for a bathing suit without wanting to end it all. She even links to different options depending on your needs.


best kid-friendly restaurant dallas play area4. Play Like a Kid…but Eat Like an Adult :: Guide to Dallas Restaurants with Play Space by Andrea Coker

Sounds like y’all are just as fed up with the fast food scene as Andrea is. Here are her favorite places to go for real food in a kid-friendly space, including menu recs!


first time foster parent what to expect5. My First Week as a Foster Parent :: What I Didn’t Expect by Guestwriter

This is a raw and vulnerable look at the complex emotions that come with fostering a child. It’s a tough read, but the kind that will broaden your horizons and make you think.


berry picking Dallas farms6. Where to Go :: A Guide to Berry Picking and Local Farms by 

Do you daydream of taking the kids to pick berries? Alaina made me lol when she admits that “it isn’t always as idyllic as it sounds.” Her guide will help you make the most of your trip!


mom drinking culture7. What It’s Like To Be a Non-Drinking Mom in a World of “Wine Wednesdays” by 

“In the suburban mom culture, camaraderie seems to be built in large part through commiserating over a glass of booze. But how do you fit in when drinking isn’t a part of your life, not even a little bit?”


diastasis recti experience8. Diastasis Recti and the 3 Things I Had to {Re-learn} by 

The things they don’t tell us about what pregnancy can do to our bodies. Two words: PELVIC FLOOR. Katherine discusses her post-partum physical therapy and how it made all the difference.


second child syndrome9. Signs of {Second} Child Syndrome by 

“Same parents. Same parenting. Same rules. Same structure and routines. Child numero uno is eager to please, generally submissive, and careful. Child numero dos is mucho loco.” Seriously, what IS the deal here??


get kids to stop whining10. 7 Magic Words to Stop Whining in its Tracks by It’s geared toward slightly older kiddos, because of the comprehension and vocabulary required, but you’ll definitely want to incorporate this into your parenting arsenal.


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