Kristen Cudd

Kristen grew up in Houston, spent 16 years in Austin (Hook em' Horns!) and relocated to Dallas in 2016 with her husband and two boys. While her role as Mom and Family CEO comes first, she also partners with her husband on residential real estate projects and helps her clients buy and sell their own properties. She enjoys yoga, traveling with or without her kids, working up a sweat, sleeping through the night, and day dates. Follow her @Adeline.Residential and read more on her blog Long Days, Short Years, Stiff Drinks.

Surviving the Kitchen Remodel with Kids

Maybe you've saved up enough to finally get that kitchen of your dreams. Maybe you're renovating in order to sell and get the most out of your investment. Or maybe you're just wondering how...
the talk

Tips for Having “The Talk” with Kids

I remember it distinctly. My mom sat between my brother and I on the couch. I was around 5 and he was around 8. She asked us simply if we knew where babies came...
The Westwood School

Your Summer to Shine: The Westwood School Summer Camp

**This post has been sponsored by The Westwood School.  All opinions are 100% our own!** This spring is a great time to think ahead to summer and make camp plans for your kids. You want...

How To :: Get Your Kids Involved in {Spring Cleaning}

Gorgeous balmy days, gentle breezes, and warmer temps can only mean one thing. Spring is coming, mama bears! Time to stock up on your favorite OTC allergy meds and declutter your household with some...
second child

Signs of {Second} Child Syndrome

It seems to be a universal phenomenon. Every single two-child family I know (or have randomly surveyed in waiting rooms or on playgrounds) says the same thing. The second child is coo-coo for coco...
at-home workout

Skip the Gym and Stay Fit at Home {With Kids}

I've heard tons of moms sing the praises of in-gym child care. Drop off those littles, get your heart rate up (on purpose for a change), take a nice, long shower and maybe check...

Modern Products for Period Having Mamas

I got my first period in the sixth grade. Like most first-timers, I used pads and panty liners. I hated them so much that I begged my mom to let me use tampons soon...
primrose schools

Caring and Giving :: Developing Character in Preschoolers

  **This post has been sponsored by Primrose Schools for City Moms Blog Network. All opinions are 100% our own!** All parents want their children to develop character traits that will enable them to live, work,...

A Charlie Brown Christmas at Dallas Children’s Theater

We took our two boys to their very first ever theater performance to see A Charlie Brown Christmas at the Dallas Children's Theater. What a treat for the entire family! This production struck all...
health insurance

Help with Health Insurance

Ah, November. The weather is chilly, the football is weekly, the leaves are pretty. But November isn't just the month of light sweaters and the kick off to the season of festive gatherings. November...

Meal Planning :: 6 {Go To} Recipes for Family Dinners

Over the years of cooking for our family I've had some hits and many misses. Practice does indeed make (closer to) perfect and I now have a decent arsenal of recipes that are simple, predictable,...

Meal Planning :: My Approach to Healthy School Night Eating

I am one of those moms that really enjoys cooking for her family...well, most of the time, at least.  When my boys were younger and home all day I'd start cooking early, taking my time...