Goal Setting Resources for Realistic Goal Getters!




realistic goal settingHappy New Year! I think that 2018 may have been one of the fastest years I’ve experienced and wouldn’t mind if 2019 felt just a tad bit slower. During the week between Christmas and New Years I was able to sit down and hash out my annual goals. I never really considered myself the goal setting type until I graduated from college and realized that there were ambitions I had outside of my career that I wanted to accomplish and I wasn’t going to get to them if I wasn’t intentional in my planning. Then when my first daughter was born I decided to leave my job and that’s when my goal setting mindset really kicked into high gear. I needed more than just a few goals written on a post it note to motivate me – I needed some real, tangible inspiration and motivational resources to get me through a year’s worth of goals successfully. If you are also a goal oriented person or you are looking for some inspiration as you set your goals this January I wanted to share some of my favorite resources for realistic goal getters! In the words of one of my favorite goal setting brands: there is nothing magical or special about January 1st! These resources can be used now or throughout the year if you aren’t in a place to start tackling goals right now.

1. Cultivate What Matters: PowerSheets Goal Planner

I am on my third set of Power Sheets and have absolutely loved the structure they add to my months. They are like an accountability partner that I check in with monthly, weekly, and daily depending on the type of goal I’m setting. I find that using Power Sheets in conjunction with my daily planner helps me formulate a more intentional to do list that is focused on breaking up my bigger goals into smaller, more attainable tasks.

2. A good day planner or calendaring system

I have loved planning and calendaring since I was in elementary school and have always found stability in writing down my plans on paper. But once I got married I realized not everyone loves a good paper calendar system and my husband works better with a shared online calendar. We use both a paper calendar (for my personal use) and then I transfer important shared dates to our Google calendar. For my daily use I put goal related tasks on my to do list for the week or day. I really loved the planner round up Alaina shared last year if you are still in the market for a new calendar for 2019! (Pro tip: waiting until January to get your new calendar can be more cost effective because so many brands run sales to clear out their stock!)

3. Goal Related blogs and blog posts

These are some of my favorite bloggers who either post annually or regularly about their personal goal setting. I find so much inspiration in other people sharing their goals, words of the year, and how they plan to accomplish big things!

-Kelsey Wharton at RISING*SHINING
-Kathryn Whitaker at Team Whitaker and her word of the year posts
-The Lazy Genius : How to Set Goals like a Normal Person

4. Goal related podcasts

The Girl Next Door Podcast – they do an annual goal episode where they share their personal goals and then will check in on them throughout the year
-The Mom Hour : Episode 116, Back to School = The New Year for Moms
Matrimoney – a money and relationship podcast that is great to listen to if you have any financial goals!

I hope that these resources help and inspire you as you venture out into goal setting for 2019! As a mother, I appreciate realistic goal setting resources that help and inspire me without breaking the bank or taking a lot of time (like attending some sort of conference). I would love to know what some of your goals are for 2019 – one of my biggest goals is to have another baby and transition our family from 4 to 5! Share your goals in the comments!


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