Local Mom launches OnCure, the App {We’ve All} Been Asking For

**This post has been sponsored by OnCure to bring you this experience.  All opinions are 100% our own!**

OnCureOnCure was created by mother of two from Plano. She knows the stress and frustration of wanting to help your child feel better with fever reducers while struggling to remember when you gave a dose or when is the right time for the next one. She launched OnCure to solve this problem! (They were recently featured on NBC 5!)

When our kids are sick, we just want them to feel better. Keeping up with the times to administer over-the-counter fever reducers can be tricky. Unlike prescription medications with fixed times for dosages, medicines such as Tylenol or Motrin may only need to be given upon symptoms.

You know how it is. You give your child some acetaminophen to bring down a fever in the morning and then you start doing the math to figure out whether it would be better to wait until after their nap for more medicine or wake them early so that they can have it again at bedtime if necessary. And you try to remember whether acetaminophen is every 4-6 hours or every 8 hours. Maybe that’s ibuprofen? Better check the bottle again. And remember to text your spouse to let them know what time you gave the medicine. And don’t even get me started on those times you wake up at 2 or 3 a.m. to give your little one medicine and then again five hours later trying to remember whether that last dose was ibuprofen or acetaminophen. 

OnCure is on a mission to help parents reduce, and hopefully minimize, fever reducer medication mistakes that currently occur in the United States in an alarming rate of once every eight minutes.

The OnCure app incorporates three main components.

  1. The app builds a schedule for the user according to the medicine chosen (ibuprofen or acetaminophen), and the user doesn’t need to set a single reminder or do anything else. OnCure reminds you when it’s time for the next dose. If the user needs to space doses or switch medicines, a few taps and the schedule is reorganized automatically. OnCure is dynamic and flexible according to your needs while strictly adhering to medical guidelines.
  2. You get visual reminders of all the information needed – the dose, the name of the medicine, the correct measuring tool – with every notification to give a dose.
  3. All caregivers are synced automatically.

When your child is prescribed a medication, you can add the prescription information and receive reminders from OnCure for the prescription doses as well.  With all of this technology built into this amazing app, you can rest assured that the app is reviewed and approved by a board certified pediatrician.

OnCure is free to download and you can take advantage of all the benefits offered by the app for the duration of the first episode of your child’s illness. For unlimited access and to use OnCure for more than one child, just make a small, one-time payment of $1.99. To synchronize the app among caregivers, there is a one-time payment of $0.99. OnCure Pro users can invite other caregivers (your partner, your child’s grandparent, nanny, etc.) and each will get up-to-date information simultaneously via the app. No more leaving notes, texts, voicemails, etc. to update caregivers.  

The next time a stomach bug runs through your house, you’ll be so grateful you downloaded OnCure. OnCure is available from the App Store and an Android version is in the works. 



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