Katherine Hill

Katherine Hill
Katherine and her husband, Christopher, grew up in Dallas and met at SMU (Go Ponies!). They have been married 13 years, and although they love The Great State, they lived in DC and Baltimore for seven years, where they experienced actual seasons and great seafood! They made their way back to Texas seven years ago to be closer to family. While working full time and pregnant with their curly-haired Little Man (February 2015), Katherine completed her Master’s degree in Communication and Leadership at Gonzaga University. She continues to work full-time as an Executive Assistant in downtown Dallas. Katherine loves dining in Dallas’ local restaurants; chips and salsa are her weakness! When she’s not running after her family or busy with church activities, you might find her working on a homemade craft or two. You can catch up with her on IG @withlovebykitty
sweet dreams little ones

4 Tips to Help Your Baby Sleep

I can’t tell you how many times parents have told me, “I just don’t think he’s ready for sleep training yet.” Or, “I know it’s a bad habit, but it’s working for the time...

Feeling Sick? Remedy does House Calls!

I don't know about you, but virtual visits with doctors and house-calls for sick appointments just went high on my list of preferences for this fall semester. If I don't have to load the...

Why You Should Hire a Postpartum Doula :: Babymoon Concierge

Sometimes, mom isn't able to do all the things. Sometimes, mom needs extra time to recover. Sometimes, dad is unable to be the extra set of hands. Sometimes, grandparents aren't able to be there...

Rules for Breastfeeding through a Pandemic

I can't call this anything except "pandemic breastfeeding". I never expected to EBF (exclusively breastfeed).  Had life after baby remained normal, he would have spent time in our church nursery, spent the night with...

4 Ways to Encourage STEM Education at Home

It's been months since LEGO Masters ended and my own little master builder has been dying for building inspiration. I've noticed he studies instructions in-depth and reads through them over and over to make...

Five Tips for Finding Your Mom Icon

I was flipping through the pages of a magazine, admiring the silhouettes of clothes I’ll never be able to wear, reading the stories of the beautiful people and where they find their inspiration and...
All Good

The Search for a Diaper that’s All Good

May I paraphrase?  I'm a "little bit crunchy, a little bit rock-n-roll!" Scratch that. Not very rock-n-roll. Definitely crunchy. If our family weren't so on the go, you'd find my newborn in cloth diapers. ...
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Hop in the Car for a Scavenger Hunt on the Go! {Free Printable}

There's nothing quite like a long drive these days. When you've been cooped up for weeks on end, it's good for everyone's mood to just get in the car and go. Roll the windows...
Managing family

The Executive Assistant’s {Revised} Guide to Managing Your Family

In my corporate life, I've been an executive assistant.  I managed executives and their schedules for 15 years.  There were periods of time where I kept up with the whereabouts of four busy executives...
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Is Your Family {Ready} to Adopt a Pet?

This post has been sponsored by Apparent Insurance. All opinions are 100% our own. Our pets quickly becomes special members of our families. While they may have been adopted before kids come along, they create...
stay connected with grandparents

5 Ways to {Stay Connected with Grandparents} while Social Distancing

Let's forget the fact that I need a mental break from parenting 24/7 through an extended spring break (though I do...). Let's forget the fact that I need a night out with my husband...

COVID-19 :: Tips & Information for Parents Who Work

The news we wake up to is not always the news we fell asleep to. With the onslaught of information that has come at us this week, it's a wonder any of us are...