Kristi Walters

Kristi was born and raised in Dallas, is a blogger, storyteller, and really nice person most of the time. She was married to David, a Dallas firefighter/paramedic, for 19 years, is recently widowed at way too young an age, and is mom to 3 boys - Ethan (18), Chris (17) and Sam (15), and thinks she won the lottery of life in that deal. Kristi writes about family, faith, and things like that unfortunate home perm incident at Kristi

Losing My Mind :: When Girls Send Questionable Content to Your Son

The Unfortunate Discovery Here's what's going to happen when you find out that girls are sending nude pictures to your son.  First you're going to ask yourself where in the h-e-double hockey sticks you've been...

Graduation…and the Art of Questioning Everything

One day you'll be texting back and forth with your child because it may be your only remaining form of communication.  And you'll be thankful for it. And one day, maybe come graduation, you'll find...
picnic basket, how to help a widow

Beyond the Meal Train :: How to Help a Recent Widow and Her Kids

Not sure if you heard the Walters' news in the last post, but, y’all, in short…nothing good happened.  Now I'm turning all this around to talk about ways you can help a recent widow...
widow with kids

Lessons from a Young Widow with Kids

The day after Thanksgiving, November 23, 2018, my life forever changed when my husband passed away suddenly and unexpectedly on our Thanksgiving vacation. Surrounded by immediate and extended family, my three teen boys and...

Beyond the Rubber Rain Boot :: Fashionable, Waterproof and Warm {Boots}

I started out writing this post with the intention of sharing my top 5 favorite weather-proof boots.  But then I went shopping and found myself in the never-land of adorable, all-weather footwear cuteness -...

The Eisemann Center :: The Imagination of a Child is a Theater of its...

**This post has been sponsored by the Eisemann Center to bring you this experience.  All opinions are 100% our own!** I was invited to a showing of The Wizard of Oz at Richardson's Eisemann Center...
spirit wear

Spirit, Let’s Hear It! Fun Mom Spirit Wear for Game Day

I'm the mom of 2 high school football players, and a third kid that travels between baseball, golf and tennis these days.  And luckily this year they all attend the same school which allows...

Parental Control Only Goes So Far, Better Learn That Lesson Early

This is really in response to a blog post I read not long ago.... I think it was another organic vs non-organic foods for the good of mankind debate.  Whatever.  And I wouldn't normally...

Finding Family Memories in Branson Year After Year

  We planned our first family trip to Branson, Missouri after buying a Branson family vacation package at our elementary school silent auction.  We were already regularly vacationers in nearby Arkansas -  and Branson was...
dallas mom

What Does a Real Dallas Mom Look Like?

A while ago, I received a local magazine focused on the lives of Dallas moms.  I think it was a short-lived foray into the life of motherhood with a super-sized side of Big D...
homeless students

Did You Know? There are 3500 Homeless Students in Dallas ISD

Let me just put the hard stuff out here first - there are approximately 3500 homeless students in attendance in the Dallas ISD; 442 of them in high school. Most of them are lucky...
orthodontic exam

To Do :: First Orthodontic Exam No Later Than {Age 7}

All of my kids started their orthodontic treatment in early elementary school.  Two of the three were already in braces by first grade, and all three had already had their phase one of treatment...