Adrianne Goodson

Adrianne was raised in Canton, TX and moved to Las Vegas, NV when she was 18 to attend UNLV. After ten years of the city life, she decided she wanted to get back to her TX country girl upbringing. Her husband, Craig, and daughter, Aria (December 2012) decided to raise Myotonic (fainting) and Pygmy goats on a small farm. However, after three short years of outdoor chores, they eagerly altered their American Dream! They traded the acreage for a small lot in a subdivision in Wylie, where they currently reside, and opened Quality Care Pharmacy & Compounding. When Adrianne is not working, you can find her at Target, Sam's Club, or watching reality TV.

Walt Disney World Tips & Tricks

There is a new trend known as Revenge Travel. The term "revenge" in this scenario comes from the fight back to regain control after COVID-19 took away so many fun aspects of our life....

{microblog} Road Trip Bathroom Strategy

Our family is blessed to have weekends off together. With that spare time, we love being able to go on local road trips. We have even ventured across the United States twice. I learn...

Why I Created a Harry Potter Themed Room In My House

“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good!” My daughter HATES going to sleep. Even at age 8, she will decide bedtime is the perfect time to eat, practice piano, and even get...

How Social Media SAVED My Life

I consider myself an adrenaline junkie and love haunted houses. I have been skydiving and swimming with the sharks. There is just something about that controlled fear that I have always found exhilarating. With...
May Contain Magic

You’ve Got Mail :: Subscription Boxes for Kids

There is just something about receiving a mystery box in the mail. What's in it? Who sent it?? Find ways to share that joy with your kids this year with a subscription box! Subscription Boxes...

myKIDSdds: The Whole Child

Many of our Dallas Moms’ team members trust myKIDSdds with their pediatric dentistry needs. We all agree that getting our children’s teeth cleaned on a regular basis is important. Did you know that myKIDSdds...
Christmas Pinterest Fails

Christmas Pinterest Fails :: Bah Humbug!

I consider myself a near pro at Pinterest projects.  When I was prepping to tackle my newest blog topic on "DIY Christmas Garlands :: So Easy a Kid Could Do It", I knew I...
Eye Consultation

A Sign of the Times :: Myopia Management

"No devices at the table!" and, "You have ten more minutes!" are said way too often at my house.  If it isn't her iPad, she is begging for my cell phone or browsing Disney+. ...

DIY Pumpkin Floral Centerpiece

An annual tradition for our family is attending every pumpkin patch in the DFW area. While it may seem excessive, there is just something about fall that makes us giddy and pumpkin spice crazy....

Kid Craft :: Dollar Tree Wreath

I personally struggle trying to get my little pumpkin off of her iPad.  I am constantly buying kid crafts at Target's Dollar Spot, Dollar Tree, and Amazon. However, they only keep her focus briefly...

Traveling During a Pandemic :: Disney & Universal

We can all agree that 2020 has been unprecedented as we learn how to navigate living during a pandemic. I personally adopted the motto, “Be kind or be quiet,” which equated to a lot...

Nailed It! :: Homeschool Bloopers

Deciding to homeschool was a very easy decision for our family. I have a master’s degree in education, and I’m a stay-at-home mom, so we had actually decided to transition to homeschool full-time pre-COVID-19....