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There is just something about receiving a mystery box in the mail. What’s in it? Who sent it?? Find ways to share that joy with your kids this year with a subscription box!

Subscription Boxes for Kids

KidPik – Fashion

KidPik offers a stylish mystery box for boys and girls with “7 pieces of high-quality clothing & accessories, that make up 3 coordinated outfits, including shoes”.  I chose KidPik because I wanted a more affordable alternative to Stitch Fix for my daughter.  I took the style quiz to let them know what she likes.  Then, I chose to get a delivery once every three months.  My thought process was a new box each season despite not having the traditional four seasons in Texas.  You can also select to receive a box monthly or every two months.  KidPik

If you decide to keep the entire box, you receive a 30% discount.  If you have never tried KidPik before, they have an introductory offer where you can keep the entire box for 50% off.  

You can return or exchange, for free, as many items as you would like in their pre-paid return envelope.  The tricky part is convincing your child to let go of a piece once they quickly become obsessed. 

“Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.” ~Rachel Zoe

Raddish Kids – Cooking

Raddish Kids is a culinary subscription box that is entertaining and educational.  My daughter loves to bake, and she was ready to step up her cooking game. They email you the recipe list ahead of time along with enrichment lessons that go along with that particular month’s theme.  The lessons teach about culture, geography, history, math, and science.  

I suggest getting the apron to get fully immersed in the Raddish Kids experience and then dive into the lessons together.  This subscription box does require more hands-on support and supervision making it an excellent family togetherness activity.  Subscription boxes start at $20/month depending on the frequency of your subscription. You can cancel at any time.  I also suggest joining their social media pages as they have interactive activities and supplemental challenges to their edible educational experience.

“Cooking with kids is not just about ingredients, recipes, and cooking.  It’s about harnessing imagination, empowerment, and creativity.” ~Guy Fieri

OwlCrate Jr. – Reading

This box is recommended for ages 8 to 12 with OwlCrate (minus the Jr.) for the 13+ readers.  However, you can start your membership even sooner than 8 for all of the fun goodies and read to/with your children.  You can pay monthly or save by prepaying for 6 or 12 months. I suggest checking out their website so that you can shop for individual goodies and browse past boxes to see if this is something perfect for your little reader.  Our December 2020 box themed “Winged Beasts” is pictured below.

OwlCrate Jr.

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” ~Sir Richard Steele

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Little Passports – Geography

Little Passports is our newest subscription box. We were telling our daughter about Broken Bow in Oklahoma. We were telling her how it was going to be so pretty.  She followed up by asking if it was in the Bahamas. We told her it’s a different kind of pretty than the beach and only a couple of hours away. To this, she replied, “Mexico?” I knew we needed major help in regards to geography. I wanted to find a way to make learning about the world around us fun. Therefore, I went on the hunt to find the perfect geography subscription box. This has creatively fulfilled my objectives. Little Passports has five different subscription box options from world and US geography to science expeditions ranging in age recommendations from 3 to 9+. 

“The study of geography is more than just memorizing places on a map.  It’s about understanding the complexity of our world.” ~Barack Obama

BarkBox – Puppy Love

For your kids with four legs, we LOVE BarkBox.  One of their taglines is, “They’ll never look at a cardboard box the same way again”. This is beyond true. Our two Aussies get so excited that every time our daughter gets a human box, they think it is theirs.  It’s cute and slightly sad when they tear off the tissue paper to discover clothes and then go sulk on their dog beds.  BarkBox

My favorite aspect of BarkBox is its amazing packaging and well-thought-out themes.  Some past themes have been “Lick or Treat: Happy Howloween!”, “Home Alone: Aaaaaaaarf”, and “Dogsgiving: Playtime is Served!”. This month is “Sit. Stay…Spay Day!”. I just cannot share enough compliments with their marketing team. The boxes include two toys, two treats, and a chew that fit the monthly theme. Subscription boxes start at $23/box. We get a monthly box, but you can choose your box frequency. It is free shipping, and your first box ships immediately

“Everyone thinks they have the best dog.  And none of them are wrong.” ~W.R. Purche


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