{microblog} Road Trip Bathroom Strategy


Our family is blessed to have weekends off together. With that spare time, we love being able to go on local road trips. We have even ventured across the United States twice. I learn something new every time we travel, but there is one main tip to road trip bliss:

Have a Bathroom Strategy

When you’ve got to go, you’ve got to go. Nothing ruins a long stretch of gorgeous scenery between towns like the lack of a public restroom. Perhaps you have the ability to hold it for extremely long stretches of time, but I was not blessed with that superpower. You can copy my road trip bathroom strategy or adopt your own, but here is my personal advice.

  • Have tissues, baby wipes, and/or toilet paper readily available.
  • Have a trash bag in the car for used toilet paper because my husband told me that’s not what those little holders at the bottom of the car door are for.
  • Keep hand sanitizer close by to wash your hands. 
  • Practice hovering at home to build up leg muscles.
  • Pull in the running boards for a splash-free zone.
  • Use a scarf as a privacy protector if you are modest. 
  • Beware of electric fences and chiggers! I may or may not know about both of these from personal experience.

You can even buy female urine funnels if you really want to get creative. I just prefer to save my Route 44 Sonic cups if we can’t find a safe shoulder to park. I know…gross! Whatever tactics you choose, have a bathroom strategy. An empty bladder helps your patience with kids in the car. Trust me!


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