DIY Pumpkin Floral Centerpiece


An annual tradition for our family is attending every pumpkin patch in the DFW area. While it may seem excessive, there is just something about fall that makes us giddy and pumpkin spice crazy. Each member of our family also selects a pumpkin at each pumpkin patch which means we have to get creative at our house in regards to pumpkin décor. Our new favorite decoration is this super easy DIY pumpkin floral centerpiece that will look beautiful on your table all month long!

DIY Fall Centerpiece


  • Assorted pumpkins. I used one medium and one small.
  • Mixed floral arrangement in the colors of your choice. For mine, I went with the “Rust Sunflower, Mum, & Peony Bush” from Hobby Lobby. I only needed one, and I still had flowers left over.
  • Scissors 
  • Hot Glue
  • Ribbon (I used a 1.5” burgundy glitter ribbon)  Size and color are optional.
  • *Optional – 50 pack of artificial leaves from Dollar Tree
  • *Optional – Round Basswood Plaque by ArtMinds from Michaels

Step 1: Select the perfect pumpkins in an assortment of sizes. For a list of local pumpkin patches, check out A Dallas Pumpkin Patch Guide. And your local grocery store is sure to have pumpkins left to sell!

Step 2: Cut open the top of the medium size pumpkin, and have your kids clean it out. This is my daughter’s favorite part as she protests about how disgusting it is through giggles and her next scoop of pumpkin guts. Don’t do anything with the smaller pumpkin just yet.

Step 3: Start trimming the stems of your floral arrangements so that they fit perfectly into your pumpkin. I don’t use any hot glue on the medium size pumpkin until I get to the ribbon. I just cut the stems and make the flowers so thick that they do not move. Save the remaining flowers and leaves.

Step 4: Hot glue the glitter ribbon around the medium pumpkin. Form a bow to hot glue on top of the ribbon. My bow was not too pretty, so I took a flower and glued it on top of my ribbon to hide the imperfections.  

Step 5: Take the remaining flowers and leaves. There shouldn’t be very many left. Hot glue them on the small pumpkin. I glued a couple of leaves in a circular pattern around the stem first. Then, I glued three flowers on top.

Step 6: Finally, I placed them on top of a tree circle (Round Basswood Plaque). I sprinkled artificial leaves around the base. Voila! You have now completed a DIY pumpkin floral centerpiece that is easy to move around the house while looking fantastic.  

We do not make these DIY pumpkin floral centerpieces with every single pumpkin. We also love to paint some of our pumpkins with the kits you can find at any craft store. Also, Pinterest has some fabulous ideas on how to use your pumpkins for art projects, front porch decorations, and even incorporated into games.  

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