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There is a new trend known as Revenge Travel. The term “revenge” in this scenario comes from the fight back to regain control after COVID-19 took away so many fun aspects of our life. It’s time we get them back (safely of course). Vaccinations are more readily available, and the sunshine is inviting us to venture outdoors. If your outdoor adventure is leading you to Walt Disney World, here are some WDW tips and tricks.

Walt Disney World Tips and Tricks

Magic Bands 

This is such an exciting part of the trip. It’s the first physical evidence you receive in the mail showcasing that your trip is real and it’s coming. However, they are no longer complimentary, so many people wonder if they are worth it.

Most of us know that the Disney magic bands are waterproof, will capture our photos, open our hotel room doors, and let us into the park. Did you know they also have trackers? These trackers work at the Orlando airport. If your child happens to get separated from you, this bracelet becomes a lifesaver! When someone asks me if having a magic band is worth it, I don’t hesitate. YES!!!

Lost and Found 

On my most recent vacation, I left some Mike and Sully ears under the ride at Star Tours at Hollywood Studios. The very next day, I left poison apple ears under the table at Be Our Guest at Magic Kingdom. I wish I could blame my daughter, but nope, this was all me. At first, I just said forget it. It isn’t worth trying to find them. Then, I started wondering what happens to the lost items. 

On the second to last day of our trip, we went to Guest Services. Did you know Disney keeps a detailed database where they log literally everything that is lost at the parks? They said they believe they have our items and gave us a piece of paper with claim numbers.

Disney sent me a message with the claim numbers and how to go get my items. There is a massive warehouse holding so many items lost at Disney Springs. You can get there from your hotel or any of the parks using their complimentary shuttle. The lost and found “Guest Relations” at Disney Springs is right next to the shuttle drop-off. I took my claim numbers and they had my ears for me within minutes. Super easy process!

The Animation Experience

There are many family activities that often get overlooked for rides and snacks like KidCot Fun Stops, Wilderness Explorers, and park scavenger hunts. An additional secret area tucked a train ride away inside Animal Kingdom is Rafiki’s Planet Watch. As you arrive, there is a Wilderness Explorer stop, “Affection Section” petting zoo, and the Conservation Station with educational areas and some really cool animals. My favorite area is the Animation Experience. I could seriously spend all day here learning to sketch Disney characters.

“Draw Your Own Disney Character
Uncover the secret of how Disney animators bring your favorite characters to life—using real life animals as inspiration!
Let your creativity shine—no matter your skill level—as a talented Disney animator gives you step-by-step instruction on how to illustrate your own version of a popular Disney character.
Each 25-minute class will offer something different. Featured Characters change periodically, so you can keep adding to your art collection!”

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Let’s Talk Shoes

Pick COMFORT over CUTE!!! You will walk up to 25,000 steps (or more!) easily every day you are at the parks. I have watched people try to walk around barefoot after being in pain, placing bandaids with cotton balls on their sweet kids, and/or buying new shoes at gift shops to replace their original shoe choice.

  • Break your shoes in before you go!!! Yes, even your sneakers.
  • If you must take princess shoes for your daughter(s) for photos, put them in a backpack. Put them on for small amounts of time for photos then back in the backpack.
  • Have a first aid kit ready to go when you still choose to wear that wedge heel because you never know when you will meet your Prince Charming.

I also recommend against open-toe shoes for when you get stepped on or when a scooter drives over your foot. I know how good that feels from first-hand experience. Typically, I always wear sneakers or TOMS. Another option is BOBS because they are very comfortable, and they help a good cause as well.

Manage Your Expectations

It’s easy to show up to a park at opening, angle your camera just right, and then give the illusion that the park is completely empty. It truly does make for a magical moment and photo.

However, the reality is that you will not have the park all to yourself. As the hours go on, more and more people arrive. I’m not saying this to discourage anyone from going, the exact opposite actually. I want to help manage expectations and still find the magic that will be all around you.

The lines will seem very long due to social distancing. Seven Dwarfs Mine Train wrapped through the park when we were there recently. The wait time was listed as 60 minutes, and we only waited for 35. Thunder Mountain was listed at 45 minutes, and we only waited 22 minutes. This is the case for most of the rides. We got lucky too with Flight of Passage. The line was listed at 45, and we walked on. When we came out, they asked us if we wanted to skip the line and ride again.

Despite how busy the parks get every time I go, I fall more and more in LOVE with Disney, and I want that to be the same for you. 

The pre-pandemic crowds WILL return to Walt Disney World. They are already starting, and as the mask mandates relax, which will still take some time, I fully expect these crowds to return in full force.

If you want to get one last Disney trip in before it gets back to crazy busy, pack your mask and reach out to your travel agent. If you don’t have one, I would love the opportunity to become your travel agent and help you plan a magical vacation. Also, if you want to wait until the mask mandate is lifted, pick future dates and get your trip on the books. You can always modify and push your trip back. 

Life is short; take the trip!


  1. You might want to update your article as it is outdated. There is no social distancing at Disney and the wait times posted are very accurate. We were just there.


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