How to Turn Instagram Photos into Unique Gifts


The Instagram app on my iPhone is one of my favorite ways to keep up with friends, family, Dallas Moms Blog, and even the occasional stranger who shares a hobby or takes amazing pictures.

Over the years I’ve captured some of my favorite photos of all time with Instagram.  It was fun sharing them and seeing people’s comments, but now what?  What can one do with those lovely square photos?

It turns out LOTS can be done with those beautiful photos!  I’ve compiled a list of my 8 favorite gift items that can be made from Instagram photos.  I have actually ordered and loved each of these things.  They make great gifts for grandparents, spouses, and don’t forget…yourself!photo copy 3

Magnets & iPhone Case turns Instagram photos into several items, but my favorites are the magnets and iPhone case.  The magnets are 2″ square and come in a sheet of 9 for $14.99.  They look fantastic on the fridge, and I got a few for my daughter’s school locker.

One fun thing I did was make two magnets from a photo of my friend and me when I visited her in Germany.  I kept one and mailed the other to her.  It was a sweet way to commemorate that visit.

Image 9

I get tons of compliments on the iPhone case I made on Sticky9.  There were lots of templates to choose from.  I went with the template that covered my case in little photos.  I can’t help but smile every time I pull out my phone and see special people and memories all over it.  A word of caution: It isn’t the most protective case on the market.  This is for people who are fairly gentle on their phones.  ($34.99 for an iPhone or Galaxy case)

Image 5

Necklace is the source of all that is unique, artsy, and handmade.  When I searched the site for Instagram photo jewelry, I fell in love with the Scrabble tile pendants made by RuivoArmadillo.  As a Mother’s Day gift to myself, I ordered my kids’ picture on a Scrabble tile with the letter “M” for Mom.  My pendant is gorgeous, and at $15, extremely affordable.

photo 2


Last Labor Day weekend, my husband and I visited the Willamette Valley in Oregon.  One morning as I walked outside I saw the sun streaming down into a lovely filed.  The photo I snapped is so meaningful to me, not only because it’s one of the most beautiful photos I’ve ever taken, but because it reminds me of a special vacation.  Using the website Printstagram, I was able to turn that photo into the prettiest 4″ by 4″ notecards.  (36 cards for $25)

Image 8


Printstagram has lots of products.  In addition to notecards, I ordered cute little round buttons.  Each button is about 1″ in diameter and makes a nice addition to tote bags, hats, and backpacks.  15 buttons cost $12.  My 5th grader is especially fond of these!

Image 10

Bamboo Shadow Box Print

These you just have to see to believe.  Upload an Instagram photo to and choose the 4″ ($19) or 7″ ($29) high quality bamboo frame in one of 3 finishes.  The finished product can sit on a flat surface or hang on the wall thanks to a keyhole slot on the back.  Again, I picked my recent favorite photo of the kids and the quality of the print on the wood is amazing.

Image 3


I love to send postcards when I travel.  We send them to the grandparents, of course, but lately my kids have enjoyed sending them to their friends, too.  The Postagram app makes sending postcards with actual vacation photos a breeze.  At only 99 cents per postcard, it’s nearly as inexpensive as buying postcards and stamps.  Personalizing a postcard with a photo and message is great, but not having to search for a mailbox is the best part!



I turned to to make a pillow for my mother-in-law.  I had no idea Shutterfly had even added pillows to their list of photo gifts until recently.  There were all kinds of cute templates with and without a text option.  Don’t worry about the photo resolution.  An instagram photo transfers well to an 18″ pillow, and we were all stunned by the quality of the photo on the fabric.


Want even more ideas for using Instagram photos?  Check out Sally’s post about using the Shutterfly app plus Instagram to make her second child’s baby book.  Also, see Amanda’s post on getting the most out of your Instagram account including tips on general use, photo editing apps, and photo printing websites.

Have you turned your Instagram Photos into any projects? I’d love to hear any great uses you’ve discovered!

*I was not compensated in any way from any of the websites mentioned in this post.  These are products I have ordered and enjoyed and thought others would enjoy as well!


  1. What excellent ideas!!! I especially love the buttons. Very unique!
    The notecards would be great for my girls since they are letter-writers to relatives. 🙂


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