Shutterfly App + Instagram= My 2nd Child’s baby book


Recently, my husband asked me to find a baby picture of our son. Eagerly, I ran to the bookshelf and was shocked to realize I had 4, yes FOUR, photo albums of the first year of his life. Apparently I documented every single moment – not just his first bite of food, but maybe his first 10 bites.

Fast forward a couple of years and I have morphed into a “mom of 2” which means the camera only comes out on holidays.

My poor daughter doesn’t have near as many pictures as her older brother, but she IS the star of my iPhone camera. Recently I discovered something that has changed my life: the Shutterfly app on my iPhone.

The Shutterfly app is a free download and with only a few clicks, you can order pictures and photo gifts (such as canvases, mugs, playing cards) to be mailed to your house!

Shutterfly Screenshot

My favorite feature of the app is that it can connect to my Instagram account!

All the cute kid pictures with funky filters can be printed and put into a photo album or used as fun home décor. If you haven’t started an Instagram account, you may want to just so you can print these cool pictures.

Baby J's Photo Album

Photo display(cute picture from:

I recommend keeping your followers to a minimum or even creating a second account for the pictures you plan on printing.  That way you can upload all the bath tub pics privately or post 20 pictures a day without feeling like you are bombarding your friends. So even though I may not take a million pictures on my fancy camera anymore, I’m relieved to know I have captured tons of adorable moments on my phone that can now last forever.

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Want to download the app for your phone?

Here it is for Android.

Here it is for iPhone.

Note: Dallas Moms Blog was not compensated for this post! It’s an App we discovered that we love and wanted to share it with you! 


  1. I love the Shutterfly app, and of course I love Instagram. But I hadn’t thought about creating a 2nd IG account for all the baby/toddler/family pictures that I may not want to share with the rest of the IG world. Thanks for the great idea, Sally!


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