Music Together of Dallas – Why Your Children Will Love This Music Class

When my son was born, I was really into this Paolo Nutini song.  Usually when I find a new song I like, I download the album and listen to it on repeat for days, maybe weeks.  Apparently I listened to that one song so much that Miles also fell in love with it.  For his entire first year of life, any time he was crying, I could play this song and he would stop crying to listen to it.  I literally mean — every single time!  It was like magic!
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Then I fell in love with that crazy popular Gotye song and it was the same thing.  I listened to it so much that anytime it was on – he became entranced.  In fact, he went through a stage of waking up in the middle of the night with night terrors and absolutely nothing would calm him down except for us playing or singing that Gotye song.  Immediately, he would relax and fall back asleep.

So, when someone talks about the power of music or music classes – I believe 100%.  I mean, there’s a reason Frozen is like 95% singing.  And how many of you mom’s can sing me a Daniel Tiger tune right now?   “Use Your Words” anyone??

That’s why when I had the chance to try a Music Together class – I immediately jumped at it.  (I also kicked myself for not doing something like this for the kids sooner!)PhotoGrid_1401294489526

There are so many thing I loved about this Music Together class, like:

1. Kids are encouraged to be kids.  Wandering around, dancing, moving, talking – nothing is off limits.  The teachers understand that kids need to express themselves too – and want them to do so!

2. Parents are encouraged not to talk.  Singing only – to really set the mood for class!

3. Kids are provided with musical tools and instruments all throughout the class.  Several times the kids were offered different musical instruments to play with and move around class with.  They all had a blast learning and exploring the different sounds.

4. Each teacher makes it a point to stop and interact with every child.  Several times Gila (the owner) danced with and picked up several of the kids or babies.  I can tell that she loves being there to sing and play with each child.  Something the kids can sense also!!

5. Children of all different ages were having fun singing and dancing together.  My 3.5 year old and 7 month old were both moving and smiling all during class!  That was my favorite part – what other activity or class can both my kids (3 years apart) do together?

6. The class provides you with 2 music cds for home and your car and they encourage you to add music into your every day life.

7. This class sets a musical basis for your child that they will be able to grow on and expand on for the rest of their lives!

Perfect timing because — Summer Registration is open now – with the first summer class starting July 7th!

Each class meets once a week for 45 minutes.  Each semester includes new songs, rhythmic rhymes, movement, and instrument play.  And they have 2 great locations (one at Coit and Campbell and the other at Hillcrest and Royal) and several class times to choose from!

If you are on the fence at all I absolutely recommend that you schedule a FREE demo class here, and see for yourself how much your kids will love the program and how beneficial it can be for your family!!

Another reason to love Music Together — all tuition is FREE for families with children battling early childhood developmental delay or chronic illness.  It feels so good to support such a giving and generous business!

***Dallas Moms Blog was not compensated for this post in any way!  I was offered the same free demo class you are welcome to schedule and try out for yourself!***


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