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This is as much a note to you as it is a reminder for me. Because if I’m honest with myself, I’m over-committed, over-worked, and over-stressed. After a full day of caring for others and making sure all their needs are met, the last thing I’m focused on is me. Maybe the first thing I should focus on is my heart.

February is Heart Month, and today is Go Red for Women Day, the American Heart Association’s national movement to end heart disease and strokes in women. You’d think with all the Fitbits and Apple Watches keeping track of our activity and heart rates, this would be a solved issue. Cardiovascular disease is still the number one killer in women. For certain, this is evidence that not enough of us are paying attention to our hearts.

I’m wearing red today to remind you, to remind my mom, to remind my sister . . . to remind me, to get into gear and take care of my heart this year.

wear red
Photo cred: Jordan Kemp

Why do I wear red?

Why do I wear red? So that you’ll remember to stay active!  Regular physical activity will help reduce your blood pressure. The guidelines for blood pressure changed last year–in order to detect heart disease sooner.

Whether it’s running, yoga in the morning, or walking with your kids at night, staying active will help keep your blood pressure lowered and your heart healthy.

wear red
Photo cred: Jordan Kemp

Why do I wear red? So that you’ll eat a healthy diet! Did you know that if you had gestational hypertension, preeclampsia, or if you have PCOS or certain autoimmune disorders, you are at a higher risk for developing heart disease? Raise your hand if you’re not in one of those groups.

Eat the diet that helps you. Maybe that’s Keto, or Whole30, or the Mediterranean diet. Whatever keeps you well and keeps your heart healthy — eat a healthy diet! What is your body telling you it needs? Add simple goals like eating one leafy green vegetable a day.

wear red
Photo cred: Whitney Reed

Why do I wear red? So that you’ll know the symptoms!  Women do not experience the same symptoms as men when it comes to heart attack and stroke. Make sure you know the symptoms and that your spouse knows too. I know, it’s a super-romantic topic for dinner conversation, but no less important!

Maybe it’s time to start talking about this with our girlfriends. Make sure they know what to pay attention to. When someone compliments you on your fiery red dress, tell them why you’re wearing red!



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