Things I Am No Longer Stressing About For My Sanity: Quarantine Edition


I wrote about this several months back and highlighted some things I was picking my battles on. Then COVID-19 hit and quarantine began, and the like a limbo bar, my expectations dropped even lower.

You are clean because you swam? Sound logic to me. Ok so I’m not limbo-ing quite that low, but you get the idea. In these unprecedented times we are all just trying to make it through with our sanity still intact. Here are some things I have learned to let roll for the sake of everyone in my household:


Deciding to not get my kids up when I get up was a game-changer. I have alone time, my husband and I can get some uninterrupted work time in, and my children are much more pleasant when they wake up. When I was getting them up early, we were all miserable. I realized we can still have a daily routine regardless of wake up time. It’s also summer, and though it’s strange because my husband and I are working remotely out of our house, I’m choosing to look at the positives. I am not having to frantically get everybody up, dressed, and out the door before the sun is up every day. Kids have the rest of their lives to be in a hurry and move fast, I’m choosing to let them take it slow for now.


I have a whole 40+ hour a week job to do while we are all here, you want ice cream for breakfast or cereal for lunch? You do you. My kids are active and healthy and we make it a point to sit down at the table for dinner a few nights a week so you know, balance. Kids only have access to what we stock the fridge and pantry with so they are bound to run out of ice cream and eat an apple right? Well, I’m not stressing about it. I will say, when given control, more often than not they do pick the apple. Who knew?


The IPad is your mother now, child. Just kidding, sort of. We have a daily routine of reading and math, then light chores, once you are done? You bet you can get on your tablet. Let’s be real, there is not much to do. We aren’t going to parks, waterparks, etc and as a result, they might be getting some extra screen time. Sometimes I break it up and make them switch devices- “get off that tablet and watch a movie or something!”. You know, balance remember? There are tons of great ideas on things to do while cooped up, but give yourself a break and just accept that it’s okay to lean on screentime sometimes.


Remember when we all started staying home, and we were doing puzzles, and family game night 5 times a week, and baking muffins from scratch like we were June Cleaver? Weren’t we adorable? Okay so maybe we are still doing those things but not to the extent we were before, am I right? Say it with me: “I am not my child’s cruise director”. By all means, plan the fun activities but please don’t think it is your job to entertain your child every second of the day. Boredom is where creativity flourishes, and leave them alone long enough, they will come up with something to do. We can run ourselves ragged trying to keep the little people in our lives entertained, and I am not here for it. Don’t forget to fill your cup mama! With coffee, lots of coffee… or wine.

What is something you have eased up on to save your sanity?


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