Britany McClure

Britany McClure is the proud mom to Mia and CJ , wife to William, and lover of all things Disney. She was born and raised in the Dallas area and graduated from Texas A&M Commerce with a degree in Business Administration. When she is not running to baseball practice or ice-skating lessons, you can find her chugging coffee until its an appropriate time for wine and curling up with a good book or catching up on her million DVR'd episodes of House Hunters.

Don’t Lose Your Mind or Money :: Budgeting Tips for the Holidays

The holidays are upon us and that means food, family, and festivities, however you plan to do that this year. While we may not be gathering as we normally would, chances are we are...

Repurposing Fall Decor for the Front Porch

It's that time of year! Pumpkins, leaves, candles galore! It might still be warm outside, but that's no reason it can't look like fall around us. My favorite place to start is with fall...

Things I Am No Longer Stressing About For My Sanity: Quarantine Edition

I wrote about this several months back and highlighted some things I was picking my battles on. Then COVID-19 hit and quarantine began, and the like a limbo bar, my expectations dropped even lower. You...

5 Ways To Be A Helper During a Pandemic

When times feel uncertain, as they seem right now, it can be helpful to reach for something that makes us feel useful. While we are urged to practice social distancing and shelter-in-place in the...
clothing basics

Clothing Basics :: Comfy Chic

This post contains links that may contain affiliate links.    I'm going to take a wild guess and assume many of us have transitioned to work from home, or maybe have found yourself home more often...

Wait, What Even IS a Leap Year?

In case you didn't know yet, this year is a Leap Year. So this month we'll get a whole extra day. Exciting right? Everyone knows about Leap Years, but not everyone knows the history...

Things I’m No Longer Stressing About for my Sanity

One of the more frustrating parts of parenting is constantly having to be the voice of reason to an otherwise unreasonable, smaller version of yourself. It can be truly exhausting trying to raise a...
instant pot recipes

5 Holiday Instant Pot Desserts {6 Ingredients or Less}

The holidays are upon us and that means gathering with friends and family, sending out greeting cards in a timely manner, and baking homemade goodies to send out to all your closest neighbors, kids'...

Volunteering with the {Whole Family}

The spirit of giving is all around us during the holidays. While it is always a great time to give back, this time of year reminds us of that even more. Don't call up...

Guiding Children Through the {Grief} of Losing a Pet

The day I went to rescue a kitten, I had no idea that I would be coming home with two. I had been eyeing one in particular but when I got there, I knew...

The 4 Types of Friends {Every Mom Needs}

Sometimes life gets busy, and it's all little league games, helping with homework, or trying to fit the latest house project in when you can. Despite how crazy things can get, it is important...

5 Tips to Help the Anxious Mom Sleep

This post is part of our Sleep Series.  Fellow moms trying to help you rest easy! I know what you are thinking. We are parents and we are in a permanent state of exhaustion, who...