Six Ways to Be Romantic With Your Husband


Valentine's Day with your husband

In honor of Valentine’s Day I’ve come up with some easy ways you can up the romance factor in your marriage. (But these are good ideas all year long!)

1. Write him a love letter. Remind him of all the reasons you love and respect him. Put the letter in his briefcase or stick it on his dashboard. If he’s not the mushy type, try for a quirky card that speaks his love language. Etsy and Paper Source have some great ones.


2. Kiss him more. Moms with children at home always have a thousand things on the brain and kissing their husbands is usually NOT one of them. (Especially if you’ve recently had a baby, I get it, you probably aren’t craving any more closeness with another human being!) But every once in a while try to stop and kiss your husband. Whether it’s a little peck on the cheek as you are passing by with the laundry basket, or you pull him into the closet while the kids are playing and have a little mini make-out session with him, he will love you for it.

3. Surprise him with the unexpected. 

Some ideas:

  • If he’s a night owl, and you are usually asleep by 9:30 pm, drink some caffeine and will yourself to stay up late with him to watch Netflix or cook a late night dinner together.
  • Get a sitter on a Saturday and have a “day date” doing something he would love: a tour/tasting of a local craft brewery would be fun (Four Corners in Trinity Groves or head up to Pilot Point, Texas to the Western Son Distillery – they have a band on Saturday afternoons!).
  • Spend the day at a fancy hotel. Oftentimes if you book a spa treatment you can hang out at their pool all day!
  • Maybe more up his alley: get tickets to a basketball or hockey game! 

4. Greet him like he’s the king of his castle. When he gets home one evening, stop whatever you are doing – and have your children stop their video games or homework – and everyone run to the door and give him a giant hug. Even if you’ve been working all day, too, this is just a sweet and easy way you can show him how excited you are to have him home. (My girls pretty much do this every night and I can see what joy it brings my husband!)

5. Get him A FUN gift. Skip the boring presents. As a gift blogger I can tell you what’s really popular with men right now: funky socks, Tommy John or other moisture-wicking underwear. Guys love the Yeti Ramblers because they keep ice frozen all day. For facial care, Jack Black is the brand to go with. Tickets to his favorite band or sporting are always a sure bet. 

6. Oh la la lingerie. I think 90% of women hate lingerie. For a variety of reasons. But whoa does it make your husband happy. I challenged myself in a recent post on my own blog to find some tasteful intimates that women really want to wear. And what I found was that there are some really pretty things out there! Even if you can just switch out the Old Navy pajama pants from college for a pretty romper or nightgown, that could do wonders for the romance factor (and honestly you will probably feel better about yourself)! Shoot him a text of what’s inside your shopping bag and chances are he’ll be home earlier than usual that night!

One of the best pieces of marital advice I received was that marriage is 100/100 (as opposed to 50/50). True, selfless love means that you love 100% without expecting anything in return. I get that’s hard to do. But my instincts and experiences tell me that if you put out the effort to be more romantic and thoughtful, he might just do the same.

Just try and see! 



Top Photo: Kristina Litvjak 

This post was originally published on February 8, 2016.



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