5 Budget-Friendly DIY Valentines Ideas for Littles



Budget Friendly DIY Valentines
I have always loved Valentine’s Day – heart-shaped everything, yummy chocolate, and sharing sweet notes with the special people in your life. It’s a happy little holiday to look forward to after the lull post winter holidays, but it’s not over-the-top-crazy with festivities. Looking back, my favorite memory of Valentine’s past in elementary school was taking the time to decorate the little mailboxes that would collect notes from classmates. It was a project that was always just for fun and a way to truly express your creativity to the world (the world being your peers that is).

For the past few years I’ve had the best time making simple little valentines with my own little girls and hope that they hold onto these crafting memories fondly as they grow up. We don’t do anything elaborate or crazy, but something fun and sparkly and all their own. If you are looking for a way to get crafty with your little one and are looking for some simple DIY Valentine ideas that won’t break the bank (or multiple, frustrating hours!) I have a handful of ideas to send your way. Crafting and making can be so fun but all of the supplies can add up! I bought all of our supplies at Hobby Lobby aside from the card stock and paintbrushes we already had on hand and most of their Valentine craft supplies were marked on sale at 40% off when we went shopping! 

Budget Friendly DIY Valentines1. Sticky hearts with tissue paper and gems
Total cost: $9.00 for 20 Valentines ($3.00 for sticky hearts, $3.00 for tissue paper, $3.00 for gems)

These sticky hearts are genius for easy crafting and clean up because there is no glue required! Just peel off the entire back of the heart and go to town with tissue paper squares, gems, and stickers. My four year old wants to make all of her Valentine’s on sticky hearts this year because she had so much fun crafting these festive creations!

Budget Friendly DIY Valentines2. Foam bookmarks with sparkle hearts
Total cost:  $8.00 for 22 Valentines ($4.00 for bookmarks, $4.00 for foam sticker hearts)

This project was PERFECT for my 2.5 year-old. Just simple enough but still peeling and sticking and getting some fine-motor skill practice in. I love how adorable the bookmarks turned out and hope she gives one to me to use!

Budget Friendly DIY Valentines3. Tissue paper bleed hearts & straws
Total cost: $7.00 for 12 Valentines ($4.00 for the straws, $3.00 for tissue paper) already had cardstock and paintbrushes)

The next two ideas are very similar in creation and execution but the cost varied and straws may be more fun for younger friends while pencils are way more exciting for older kiddos. We love doing tissue paper bleeds in our house and again – relatively clean for a craft because no paint is required! Layer the tissue paper on cardstock and then dip a paintbrush in water, fully saturate the tissue paper, and then let the cardstock dry completely. Cut into hearts, punch a couple holes and you have the sweetest little valentine!

Budget Friendly DIY Valentines4.Tissue paper bleed hearts + pencils
Total cost: $5.00 for 12 Valentines ($2.00 for pencils, $3.00 for tissue paper, we already had cardstock and paintbrushes)

Take note: in order to make the pencils fit I did have to punch three holes.

Budget Friendly DIY Valentines5. Heart glasses with scratch off rainbow hearts
Total cost: $5.00 for 12 Valentines ($2.50 for glasses and $2.50 for hearts)

I think that Valentine’s day (among other holidays) can get a little sugar saturated so I always try to think of a fun, healthy alternative, that won’t necessarily cost a million dollars or accumulate in a junk drawer. These paper glasses fit the bill – something that would be enjoyable for a short period of time, not sugary, and then when you’re done – recycle! Add a little handmade sticker decorated heart and you’re golden!

For more DIY Valentine inspiration make sure to check out this post by Deb Tamez on how to make your own crayon hearts as well as these adorable printables by Megan Harney for a cute, candy-free alternative!  Happy Valentine’s day! I hope you all have the best time creating and crafting with your little ones and sharing the love with those around you! 


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