Join Dallas Single Moms!


image Dallas Single momsDallas Moms launched a new community group just for single moms living in the Dallas County area. If that’s you, then join Dallas Single Moms today!

This is an online group for local single moms only where you can discuss motherhood and attend meet-ups at least once a quarter.

While Dallas Moms can provide online resources, stories of encouragement and solidarity, and information, we also want to find other online and offline ways to connect local women. We want mothers to feel less alone, less isolated — and that is true now more than ever! That is exactly why we host several Facebook groups just for local moms. We call them community groups!

Our hope is to create a safe place for moms from all walks of life to share stories and receive encouragement.

It is simple to join! There are no fees, no memberships, and no minimum attendance or participation requirements.

When you visit the community group Facebook page you wish to join, you simply click the “Join” tab or input your name into the “Add Members” field. Easy peasy.


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