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This post has been sponsored by PediaQ Urgent Care and written by a guest writer on behalf of the App.

In the world today, it seems there is an app for everything. You can find out the name of a song, watch weather in your area, and take photos like Kim Kardashian. (Not saying you get to look like her.)

It seems like technology is everywhere we turn. The world of medicine has changed with technology, and it’s about to change again with a new app called PediaQ. PediaQ is on-demand pediatric urgent care with a licensed nurse practitioner in your home when your pediatrician’s office is closed.

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As a mom, I know the symptoms of an ear infection, or the beginning of strep. I normally go our doctor’s office to confirm my suspicions and get a prescription for medication. I have been there as a mom of two kids with a husband out of town, one kid sick, and the other needing to go to an urgent care facility. Thanks to PediaQ, this frantic situation of packing everyone up in the car and heading to an ER is no longer a nuisance or a huge expense in the middle of the night.

11071943_1649358171950096_4351435543739083528_nAs a PediaQ beta test mom, I had the ability to download the PediaQ app and request a visit for my daughter to be seen. It works like Uber – I can add in my credit card information, see how far away a care provider is on a map, and see what it would cost me. My daughter had symptoms of a sore throat and sinus congestion. This seemed like more than just allergies to me. When I clicked on the light blue PediaQ app, I could see that the closest care provider was 12 minutes away. It was 8pm on a Sunday night. A few minutes later I received a call from Linda, the PediaQ nurse practitioner who would be coming to check out my daughter. She asked me a few questions about my daughter and her symptoms and let me know that she would be there shortly.

After I hung up the phone, I decided I should upload a photo of my daughter Zoe in the app for Linda to see her patient. With PediaQ, you can create a profile showing all your children, so when the nurse practitioner calls you, they can see which child needs care. We did not wait long; it was 8:12pm when she arrived – exactly 12 minutes from the time I requested the visit, and exactly when the app said a care provider would arrive.

Linda was wearing a white lab coat with PediaQ on the lapel as she walked up the steps to our home. She was smiling and friendly as she introduced herself to us at the door. She came in with a well-equipped PediaQ medical bag and was carrying shoe covers to put on to shield us from the outside world. I thought this was a very nice gesture and wondered if I could find some to fit my dog (we all could use those).

She came into our living room where Zoe was laying on the couch. She asked us a few more questions about her overall health and then more second and third level questions just like they do in our doctor’s office. Our dog was not being too much of a bugger so he got to stay out and watch as Linda examined Zoe to find out what her ailments were. I suspected strep. Linda had a strep test in her bag and could make this determination quickly.

11150460_1650096495209597_6860516659446430803_nWe learned that Linda has had many years as a nurse practitioner, and, at one time, a nursing school professor. Her PediaQ medical bag had many different things inside to assist her to give good medical care. My daughter was fascinated with everything she had in there and asked A LOT of questions. She is used to a babysitter bringing a polka dotted bag of fun crafts and activities for her to play with while we are gone, but she had never seen anything like this. Linda was very patient and kind to her and laughed as Zoe fired questions at her. As a PediaQ nurse practitioner she not only brings her medical bag to help her with diagnoses, but most importantly, she brings her many years of experience into your home, and can give simple tests (such as for flu or strep), and she can also prescribe medicines if needed. The extras of testing can cost a bit more than just the cost of the visit, but the bonus is the PediaQ nurse practitioner can even pick up medications and bring them back (I know every busy mom can appreciate that). We do not even have to leave our house to find this type of expertise. We just click on the PediaQ app!

We lucked out and did not need all of her expert services because the step test came back negative, but were so glad that she could come another time if we did need them. She can also send an update to our pediatrician’s office so they know she was seen by a PediaQ nurse practitioner and can have access to this information if we like. Zoe now thinks that any time Dr. Shouse’s office is closed, PediaQ is her answer. As ER visits get more expensive it is nice to know that there is an in-home after-hours alternative and for much less than an ER visit. I have to agree with Zoe, if she needs urgent care after hours, PediaQ is the answer!

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PediaQ launched in Frisco and Plano markets on May 1, 2015 and will be expanding to other areas of the Dallas metroplex in June. PediaQ assistance is currently available from 4pm – 12am on the weekdays and 24 hour availability on the weekends, with expansion plans for more hours forthcoming.  House calls can range from $150 – $250 depending on the time of service, and claims for reimbursement can be filed with the family’s insurance provider. Following the visit, a PediaQ nurse specialist follows up with the family to ensure that the medical records are sent to their regular physician.

Starting May 1, get $50 off of your first visit with promo code PDQ15.

For more information about PediaQ and the areas of Dallas they serve, visit their website or download their App directly from iTunes.

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1168-JENNIFERJennifer Calyer is Owner of SeekingSitters and a PediaQ Beta Mom. She and her family live in Frisco and are passionate about safe, reliable care for the families they serve. 


Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by PediaQ Urgent Care and written by a guest writer/beta tester on behalf of the App. Dallas Moms Blog is proud to support our sponsors! 


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