Hostess Guide to a Perfect Pinterest Party


I hosted my first Pinterest party in 2016. With the several I have hosted since then, I consider myself a pro!

I love to get all my gal pals together to finally make something we have all pinned to Pinterest. We all know we have a million projects and ideas. We’re just waiting on the time to do it. Everyone loves getting their creative juices going, and we get to catch up with all of our friends.

Thinking about hosting your own party? Here is my ultimate hostess guide for throwing a perfect Pinterest party!

A woman stands in front of Hocus Pocus blow-up yard dolls.

Hatch a Plan

The first step for your party is to pick a theme. Our last party was fall/Halloween themed. It was amazing! In the past, we tended to stick to more general themes, though we’ve also hosted holiday, summer, and spring themes.

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Next, decide how far in advance you’ll need to start planning. I hosted my fall/Halloween party in mid September. It was perfectly timed to still be able to use your craft. I created an invite on Facebook, laid out all the details, and gave people a chance to state what food they were bringing so we didn’t have duplicates. (More on food later.)

Another option for planning your party is to share a Pinterest board with your partygoers. I love this idea because sometimes you just need help picking the perfect craft!

Gather Supplies

At our parties, people pick their own craft to make and bring all their own supplies. I know some hostesses have had each person create the same craft and provide the supplies at a cost. I like giving each person their own choice. Then I don’t have to worry about getting all supplies.

My handy husband is always there to lend big-tool support, such as saws, drills, etc. I make sure we have everything people need if it can’t be easily transported.

Now, what if you aren’t super crafty but want to hang out? I’ve had friends bring over holiday cards to address because they didn’t have a craft!

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Teacher gifts are also great crafts to make. I love making things for other people just about as much as I do for myself! Really, any craft is great. Let people pick their own!

Snacks, Snacks and More Snacks

It is literally impossible for me to host an event and not provide food. It is my love language!

On the invite, I get the conversation going for what foods we want to serve. We definitely keep it close to the theme. I love seeing all the creative ideas people come up with! It’s fun to have an adult-themed drink to round out the menu! I made bloody punch last year.

Our crafts aren’t always a success, but we always have a good time! The key to remember is to laugh a lot and take a ton of pictures. Now’s the time to choose your theme and get to planning!


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