{Best of 2020} The Top 10 Posts of the Year


best of 2020 top 10 posts

I have to be honest. I was shocked to see that some of these were written in 2020. Seems like it’s been several years since Siobhan Kratovil’s post on reducing “stuff” went viral (with over a million views!). It was actually January. Excuse me? What time is it? Where am I?

COVID dominated the headlines (and our lives) this year, but DM contributors never let up, creating moving, helpful posts all the way through. It’s really nice to take a moment and reflect on those positives, isn’t it?

Without further ado, here are the top ten new posts from 2020 that you liked and shared the most:

best of 2020 top 10 posts

1. Most of Your Stuff Is Worthless :: 3 Things You Should Be Doing NOW to Reduce What You Own by Siobhan Kratovil

When a parent passes, you’re left to deal with a lifetime of their accumulated stuff. It makes an already difficult time feel even more overwhelming. Will you leave your children to that same fate?

best of 2020 top 10 posts

2. 9 Indoor Activities for Bad Weather Days by Elysa Ellis

This one’s a little bittersweet, since many of these spots aren’t exactly COVID-friendly. And we lost The Children’s Aquarium at Fair Park entirely due to the pandemic. Fingers crossed they’ll reopen again soon.

3. 4 Can’t-Miss Vacation Spots Within Driving Distance of Dallas by Siobhan Kratovil

Desperate for a change of scenery + wanting to do so safely was the mood this summer, for sure.

4. My Hygge Home by Kelli Turner

If we’re staying home, we might as well embrace it by making things as comfortable and cozy as possible, right? Here’s how to do just that. Also, helpfully, this post teaches you how to pronounce hygge.

5. 20 Indoor Crafts and Activities for Kids by Kelly Mock

Screen time is having a real moment these days, but sometimes you need other ideas.

6. I’m the Fat Mom :: Let’s Stop Passing Judgment by Cyndi Hoffer

“Most days I feel like a great mom. I try my best to be a great example and give my children everything they need to be successful. But why is it that when a complete stranger, another mom, or lady at the supermarket looks at me with judgment, I question myself as a mom?”

7. A Quick and Easy COVID-19 Curriculum! {Daily Routine Printable!} by Joanna Martin

Remember when spring break just… didn’t end? The back half of the spring semester was an experience. We’ve managed to sort things out a little better school-wise, but there’s still some great preschool/Kinder ideas in here if you need ’em.

8. Salad in a Jar Party, Anyone? by Christine Bachman

Another one that feels like a lifetime ago! Be sure to add “hosting a salad in a jar party” to your list of things you want to do once this is over. It’s a really cool idea!

9. The Ultimate Family Bucket List :: Texas State Parks by Megan Price

Did you know there are 89 state parks in Texas? And more than 15 within a 2-hour drive from Dallas?

10. The Busy Mom’s Guide to Stress-Free Meal Planning by Lee Armstrong

“It’s how I survived my first month back from maternity leave with my second kiddo while still keeping my family fed (and myself sane) this past year.”  I’d call that tried and true!


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