A Quick and Easy COVID-19 Curriculum! {Daily Routine Printable!}


covid-19 homeschoolThe world is pretty crazy right now isn’t it? Extended spring breaks, canceling of extracurriculars, closing schools. It is all for the greater good and better health of our nation, but it is quite unsettling to say the very least!

My oldest daughter wrapped up her official spring break on Friday only to find out that we will be online learning and basically homeschooling for the next two weeks! I have been formulating a schedule for our days and ways to implement some fun learning together at home.

I wanted to share my plan with you all in case you are in the same boat and looking for plans or inspiration! I tried to grab ideas that involve little to no prep or outside resources besides basic school supplies that you hopefully have around your house already. 

Setting up a schedule

First things first, a daily schedule/routine is needed. We need some structure and predictability to our days. A couple of posts that have helped me create a plan for our days at home have been this post about how to structure a day home with kids and a predictable play/learn routine post. I’ve created a {printable} for you to use for your daily routine!


<<Download printable here!!>>

Coordinating the activities

So far I have two weeks planned out. I’ve picked a simple theme for each day and then listed three easy activities for my two girls who are in Kindergarten and preschool (ages are almost 6 and almost 4). I wanted a blend of phonics/reading, math and science for the activities I chose. If we get to all of them in a day – great! If we don’t, also great! I’ve planned for four themed days a week and Friday will be a catch up day because I know there will be some stuff left over. I want this to be a fun experience for them and if it becomes stressful or not fun in any way I’m going to ditch the activity all together.

For inspiration I am pulling from posts I have shared on Dallas Moms in the past: my summer camp at home posts from summer 2019 and the summer 2018 and for St. Patrick’s Day on Tuesday I am relying on this post

Week 1:

Day 1 Space Space Craftivity Book Make Moon Dough Toilet Paper Roll Rocket Ship
Day 2 St. Patricks Day Graphing Lucky Charms Lucky Charms Treats Walking Rainbow
Day 3 Ocean Chomp the Sharks Salt Water Density Drip Art
Day 4 Dinos Build a fort (aka dino habitat) Dinosaur color by number Dino Simon Says


Week 2:

Day 1 Fairy Tales Dress up and act out a fairy tale read aloud Elements of a story Build a castle with plastic cups
Day 2 Rain forest Layers of the rainforest FLIP book Make toilet paper roll binoculars Nature walk with binoculars
Day 3 Insects Simon Says bug actions Bug catcher playdoh mats Caterpillar pipe cleaners
Day 4 Plants Word family flower Draw your own flower garden Germinate a seedling on window


Finding more resources

Here are a few other places around the internet that you can use for some online learning for your little ones:

  • Other Goose has free access to their curriculum for the next three weeks.
  • Teachers Pay Teachers has a lot of free resources from their individual sellers.
  • Epic books for kids isn’t free but is one of our favorite educational apps to use!
  • Scholastic is offering free online learning resources for those impacted by school closings.
  • A list of museums that offer free virtual tours.

I will be posting about our activities and other little quarantine/social distancing survival tidbits on my Instagram so be sure to follow me over there for more!

We are in this together and doing this for each other so let’s support one another through it all!


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