What is Your Word of the Year?


I jumped on the “word of the year” bandwagon back in 2014.

I was about to have my first baby. I had no clue what was about to rock my world and I didn’t want to set big goals but did want something to focus on as the months ticked by.

Previous words I have selected: Trust, Simplify, Create, Release, Peace & Joy, Try, and Confidence.

I write the word down and tape it to my mirror or closet door and it serves as a reminder to find the moments in my life that I strive for or that exemplify that word.

This year I’ve chosen the word Faith. After 2020, when all expectations were completely thrown out the window, I found myself searching for some sort of stability in an unstable time.

My hope was dashed, my dreams a little worse for wear.

I don’t even know how to set goals or expectations anymore and I think that this year what I need to come back to more is my faith. My personal spiritual growth, my faith in something bigger than myself, and my faith in other people. I think the only way to be grounded as we head into another year at home is not to rely on myself but keep the faith that despite it all – everything will be ok.

What is your word of the year? What word keeps you motivated throughout the year?


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