Back-to-School :: How to Promote Proper Braces Care at School

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It’s that time of year again, the day parents have been waiting for – the first day of school! On top of fresh new clothes, a growth spurt, and a new hairdo, many kids are heading back to school with braces. It’s important to maintain good oral care for the best results and that means knowing how to care for braces during school.

How Jefferson Dental Care Can Help

Before heading back to school, it may be a good idea for your child to visit their dentist for a check-up, especially if you think they may need braces. If you’re ready to get your child started in braces, summer is the perfect time. Jefferson Dental Care offers affordable braces including traditional metal braces, Invisalign Clear Aligners, as well as invisible ceramic and clear braces. Contact the office nearest you to make an appointment before school gets underway!

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Tips for Caring for Braces at School

Heading back to school with braces can be tough. Not only is the beginning of a new school year generally stressful for kids, figuring out how to care for their braces can make it even more challenging. The best way to ease the strain for your kid is to have a conversation before the first day so they know what to do.

  • Discuss strategies and plan for everything from brushing teeth after lunch to a braces emergency.
  • Prepare a braces care kit for school that fits in their backpack or lunch box. This allows your child to be discreet.
  • Create a plan for your child to brush and floss after lunch. Remind them that while it can be tough to find time and space to brush their teeth, it’s less embarrassing than having food caught in their braces when talking to classmates!
  • Find out if your child can carry a water bottle during school and encourage them to drink throughout the day. It’s healthy and helps remove debris that can get caught in braces.
  • For sports, recess, and gym class, make sure your child has a mouthguard to protect against injuries. Think about how easy it would be to get a kickball in the face!

To make your child’s appointment before school starts, call 844-825-6449 or visit today!

Do-it-Yourself Braces Care Kit

Creating your very own braces kit for school is not difficult. There are plenty of opportunities for your child to add their own flair and personalize their braces care kit. Start with a small bag that can fit in your child’s backpack or lunch box. They may even wish to keep the kit in their locker if it’s more convenient. A braces care kit should include the basics:

  • Toothpaste
  • Toothbrush
  • Floss
  • Dental wax in case of emergency
  • Lip gloss or balm to prevent dry lips
  • Rubber bands if they are a part of your child’s braces treatment
  • If your child is old enough, and your school allows it, include over-the-counter pain medicine. For younger children or schools that require medications to be held in a secure location, make sure over-the-counter pain relievers are on hand for your child.
  • For students with lockers, a magnetic mirror can give them the opportunity to do a quick check of their braces before heading to class. They can also carry a small compact or mirror in their braces care kit.

Remember, you want your child to stick with their oral care routine at school, so allowing them to choose what they like is helpful. Empower them to make the right decisions for their teeth.

School Lunch Ideas for Braces

Lunch may be another challenge for kids with braces, but there are plenty of ways to ensure they eat enough without damaging their braces. Making the right choices, whether buying the school lunch or packing a meal at home, is part of your child’s braces care.

  • Instead of whole apples that are hard, use apple slices or unsweetened apple sauce.
  • Try cooked vegetables, mashed potatoes, and corn off the cob.
  • Instead of hard candies, gum, or taffy, try fresh fruits like berries.
  • Soups are a great option for kids with braces, especially if their mouths are a little tender.
  • If your child is a pen or pencil chewer, remind them that it can damage their braces.

Even though your child may be tempted to try some foods like popcorn, remind them that a broken wire can be very uncomfortable and result in an extra trip to the orthodontist to have it repaired.

How to Handle a Braces Emergency at School

Accidents can happen anytime, even at school. At some point, most kids with braces will have a wire break or loose bracket. It’s not a time to panic, but if they’re in the middle of a school day, they will need to know what to do until they can get into the orthodontist.

  • If your child has a broken wire, they can use dental wax to cover the end and protect the inside of their mouth.
  • For loose brackets, your child can push them in place with the eraser end of a pencil.




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