Is Stronger U For YOU?

**This post has been sponsored by Stronger U Nutrition to bring you this experience.  All opinions are 100% our own!**

Unfortunately, I’ve never been someone that doesn’t struggle with weight. My struggle started in college and I’ve been up and down ever since. I can look at food and gain 5 pounds, while my friends and family literally eat whatever and rarely work out with no consequences. Good for y’all, so happy for you {read sarcasm}!

I have always had to work hard through diet and exercise to keep weight off, and it’s extremely frustrating. I’ve tried every diet out there and always fall back into old habits gaining all the weight (sometimes more) back. Weight Watchers, Keto, Atkins, Nutrigenomic testing, you name it-I’ve done it. I’ve been most successful on Weight Watchers, but I’ve also been a proud member at least six times so I’m really not sure how “successful” that really is.

I was so ready to find something that would give me the tools to be successful long-term. Insert Stronger U. I stumbled across Stronger U on a Facebook group I’m in after seeing other moms recommend it over and over. After several months of reading these threads I finally looked into it to see what the program was all about.

Stronger U focuses on counting macros and keeping you accountable through personal coaching. I decided I had nothing to lose and signed up for a 12-week program. I was super excited to learn the program, and hopeful this would be the program I’d been searching for the last 20 years.

Once signed up, I received a questionnaire asking me to outline my history and weight loss/health goals. Using that information, Stronger U paired me with an accountability coach that promised to be available to me anytime I needed her over the next 12 weeks. Once matched with a coach we began corresponding immediately. It was really comforting to know I wasn’t on this journey alone, and depending on the day, I had a cheerleader and/or someone to keep me in line if needed. I immediately felt a connection with my coach three text messages in. She was a busy mom, with at least two jobs (that I know of), and dealt with many of the same struggles I experienced in my life. I felt very hopeful I was in the right place, and that she was going to play a huge part in my success on this program. In addition to the coaching, there is a powerful online presence through a Facebook page dedicated to Stronger U members. Members, coaches, and even the owner post regularly and have created a wonderful sense of community to remind you you’re not on this journey alone. The tips were so helpful, and I LOVED seeing the transformations and reading the testimonies members post. It was so powerful and motivating to hear other people’s stories and see how the program has changed so many lives.

After reading through the basics of the program, and asking my coach LOTS of questions, I began practicing counting macros. I won’t lie, the first couple weeks are a little overwhelming because it’s a lot of new information and different from anything else I’d done before. After a couple weeks I felt like I was in a good groove, and some things became routine.

One of the biggest surprises on this program was I actually ate MORE food than I was before starting the program! My husband would always comment he couldn’t believe I was actually losing weight when he’d watch me eat my 4th meal of the day at 10:30pm. It wasn’t all easy though. I had my fair share of tough-love conversations with my coach-usually about keeping my social drinking in check. I had to learn that not EVERY social gathering was worthy of celebration, and it was ok to skip the wine on a random Tuesday night. I had to remind myself it wasn’t for forever, but if I wanted to reach my goals in the amount of time I was given I had to skip the alcohol occasionally. To be clear, no food or drinks are off limits on the Stronger U program but they have a pretty powerful testimony on how drinking alcohol can directly affect your ability to lose weight.

Twelve weeks on the program flew by and I’m being honest when I say I was sad to be done. I really wasn’t eating that different than I was prior to starting Stronger U, I just became a lot more aware of how to balance it all. The main things I learned on this program were to try to plan each day first thing every morning. When I do this I’m less likely to go off the rails and “burn down the house” as many Stronger U members like to say. The second thing I learned is carbs and fat are NOT my enemy. Your body actually needs them, but like anything-in moderation. Finally, I learned my weight-loss journey is a marathon and not a sprint. There is no magic pill, or miracle program. It took 18 years and 2 kids to get to where I am today, and I need to be patient with myself and my body while I reach my goals.

As for my weight loss on the program, I’m happy to report I did meet my goal of losing 15 pounds during my 12 weeks! I am super proud and I feel empowered to continue on to ultimately meet my long term goals. I plan to sign up for another 12 weeks and continue down the path Stronger U started me on.

I know weight-loss blogs are a dime a dozen, but this one is 100% my honest opinion and review of this program. If my story sounds similar to yours I HIGHLY recommend you give Stronger U a try. They truly do care about your success and it’s evident in the testimonies and stories you will read about.

If you’re interested in learning more about the Stronger U program you can visit them online at Also, as an added bonus you can use the promo code DMB for a 10% discount off your session.

Good luck with your journey, and I hope to “see” you on the member page with me soon!




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