Siobhan Fitzpatrick

Siobhan Fitzpatrick
Siobhan Fitzpatrick (a.k.a. The Law Mother) is a mom, business lawyer, and writer. With no legalese and a lot of humor, she answers a broad range of legal, career, and parenting questions on her blog The Law Mother . She is mom to four girls, Caitriona (16), Cara (13), Kelsey (11), and Claire (7). You can find her on Facebook and Instagram @TheLawMother.

Middle School Teachers, Stop Assigning Group Projects (Or Change How You Do Them)

After four kids and 17 years of parenting, I’ve come to realize that the middle school years are the worst. Kids struggle dealing with the one-two punch of intense social and academic pressure. Exhibit A:...

7 Items to Declutter for National Give Something Away Day

Looking for a great excuse to declutter? July 15 is National Give Something Away Day. Here are seven things to give away as well as some great Dallas-area charities to give your stuff to. Blankets &...

5 Summer Reads for a Great Escape

Let’s face it, summer can be a challenging time for Dallas moms. Driving to and from summer camp drop-offs and pick-ups. Waiting four hours at a swim meet for the 30 seconds your kid is...
donation box, how to help homeless people in Dallas

How Your Family Can Help Homeless People in Dallas

My kids have an uncanny knack to only ask the really tough questions when we're driving in bad traffic. I have confirmed that I am in fact Santa while driving rush hour travel on 635....
I Voted stickers, get involved in local politics Dallas

Why You Should Get Involved in Local Politics

My husband and I have a lot in common. We’re lawyers who met the first day of law school. We read history books for fun. We’re unapologetic space nerds. We have the same favorite Peloton...
tired woman looking at iPhone, social media detox

4 Things I Learned During My Social Media Detox

Why did I decide to go on a 30-day social media detox? Simple. I was spending far too much time passively scrolling through my feed and rarely actively posting my own content. Anytime I felt...
mom and daughter looking at phone

5 Things to Consider When Posting about Your Kids on Social Media

Parents violate their kids’ privacy all the time. Yes, it’s true. We are the first generation of parents to raise kids in the age of social media, and our kids are the first generation to grow...
houses destroyed by tornado

How to Help the Victims of the December 11 Tornadoes

There are no words to adequately describe the devastation left in the wake of the tornadoes that tore through six states on December 11. Here in North Texas, we are no strangers to the havoc...
cool things to do in downtown dallas

Cool Things to Do in Downtown Dallas with Kids

Ask any Dallas mom where to take kids in Downtown Dallas, and chances are their list includes the West End, the Perot, and Klyde Warren Park. Don’t get me wrong—these are fantastic places to take...
View of a woman from behind in a Christmas tree farm tent

Surviving the Holidays When Your Parents are Gone

How do you celebrate the holidays when your parents are dead? There’s no guidebook or lesson plan. No mentor to hold your hand. You’re left to muddle through, trying to keep sadness from overwhelming you...
girls reading

Dyslexia Awareness Month :: Supporting Your Dyslexic Child

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month. 1 out of 5 students has dyslexia, including my eldest daughter (11th grade) and my youngest one (1st grade). Dyslexia is a language-based learning disability that makes reading difficult. While dyslexics...

4 Must-Read Self-Improvement Books for Goal Setting

As summer draws to a close and the school year gets into full swing, it is a great time to set new goals. Here are 4 inspirational books to help with your September goal setting. Goal:...