Siobhan Fitzpatrick

Siobhan Fitzpatrick (a.k.a. The Law Mother) is a mom, business lawyer, and writer. With no legalese and a lot of humor, she answers a broad range of legal, career, and parenting questions on her blog The Law Mother . She is mom to four girls, Caitriona (16), Cara (13), Kelsey (11), and Claire (7). You can find her on Facebook and Instagram @TheLawMother.
mom and daughter looking at phone

5 Things to Consider When Posting about Your Kids on Social Media

Parents violate their kids’ privacy all the time. Yes, it’s true. We are the first generation of parents to raise kids in the age of social media, and our kids are the first generation to grow...
houses destroyed by tornado

How to Help the Victims of the December 11 Tornadoes

There are no words to adequately describe the devastation left in the wake of the tornadoes that tore through six states on December 11. Here in North Texas, we are no strangers to the havoc...

Cool Things to Do in Downtown Dallas with Kids

Ask any Dallas mom where to take kids downtown, chances are their list includes the West End, the Perot, and Klyde Warren Park. Don’t get me wrong—these are fantastic places to take your kids. But...

Surviving the Holidays When Your Parents are Gone

How do you celebrate the holidays when your parents are dead? There’s no guidebook or lesson plan. No mentor to hold your hand. You’re left to muddle through, trying to keep sadness from overwhelming you...
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Dyslexia Awareness Month :: Supporting Your Dyslexic Child

October is Dyslexia Awareness Month. 1 out of 5 students has dyslexia, including my eldest daughter (11th grade) and my youngest one (1st grade). Dyslexia is a language-based learning disability that makes reading difficult. While dyslexics...

4 Must-Read Self-Improvement Books for Goal Setting

As summer draws to a close and the school year gets into full swing, it is a great time to set new goals. Here are 4 inspirational books to help with your September goal setting. Goal:...
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5 YouTube Stars You will Want Your Kids to Follow

I have a love/hate relationship with YouTube. Love the endless supply of free, high-quality educational content for my kids. Hate the app’s autoplay feature, which allows the app to continually feed algorithmically curated videos to my...

3 No-Fail Tips to Get the Kids Out the Door on Time

Trying to get anywhere with kids is challenging. But add in the extra pressure of getting there by a specified time? Near impossible. Here are 3 no-fail tips to get your kids out the door...

{microblog} Reflecting on a Year of In-Person School

Is there anything sweeter than kindergarten best friends? My little girl loves her bestie. They laugh at each other’s jokes. They surreptitiously check out each other’s latest L.O.L. dolls, the toys safely hidden in their...

Texas Travel :: Big Bend National Park

Texas’ gift to the nation is an apt description for Big Bend National Park. I first fell in love with the area on a high school camping trip for Dr. Joe Kuban's ecology studies class....

What Running a 5K a Day for a Year Taught Me

A year ago the world shutdown and I hit the ground running. And by running, I mean literally running. A lot of running. A Forrest Gump level of running. With the gyms closed, I decided to...

Finding Your Virtual Tribe through Facebook Groups

It took a few days before I noticed my friends had gone missing. Their constant chatter has been a reassuring presence in my life for 5 years. When I spent 2 ½ years with a...