Which is the {Hardest} Age to Parent?


Being a Mom is Tough

Parenthood is a blessing and children are a gift; however, it doesn’t take away from the tough challenges we face every day. I remember how much bliss I felt right after having my baby. I felt like superwoman! As we all know, that didn’t last long. After that first week of being on “team no sleep”, parenthood set in with all its glory. I felt exhausted the first year since my child never did sleep through the night.

I remember telling myself, “as soon as she sleeps through the night it’ll be perfect – I’ll be able to manage everything again.” After that stage came and went, I found myself saying it again about her sitting, walking, eating table food and even starting school!

Right now, juggling two toddlers at the same time seems like I’m at the hardest stage of parenting. Tantrums and mood swings are in abundance in our home and not only from the littles but us parents have quite a few too! I’ve told many of my friends who have older children, “oh, I can’t wait until they’re that age” thinking to myself that it might be easier the older they become. My comparison to others leads me to ask this question:

Which is the hardest age to parent?

The Hardest Part

Some will tell you the hardest stage is the newborn stage because let’s face it…exhaustion! Others will say the toddler tantrums are the absolute worse. More seasoned mothers will laugh and say those are the “good years” just wait until middle and high school hits.

And what about parenting an adult and even more so an adult parent? I’m a thirty-year-old woman who just the other day spent an hour talking on the phone with my mom about how hard it is being a mom. I explained to her in desperation about my lack of sleep, my worries and anxieties as a partner and friend, and even about my poor eating decisions. I told her…

“I come second now, mom, that’s just the way it is.”

My mom had to parent me that day. I was in tears as I realized she had called my dad and asked him to bring me lunch to work to make sure I ate. She figured it would save me time, money and allow me to get home and just take a breather. I was glad to have someone still caring for me, especially during this new chapter. I realized my mom still takes care of me, my brother and now has taken on the new role of “parenting” her 95-year-old mom all while juggling her own life.

The Truth

If it feels hard at this moment, that’s because it is, and it’s okay to think it’s challenging. The truth is the hardest stage of motherhood is right NOW. My biggest relief lies in knowing another mama has gone or been through something similar. Talking about the rough patches helps us learn and grow from one another. I’m incredibly thankful for all my mama friends who keep it real and allow me to learn from them. Who makes up your support system? Share why they make motherhood better!


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