5 Tips to Help the Anxious Mom Sleep


This post is part of our Sleep Series.  Fellow moms trying to help you rest easy!

I know what you are thinking. We are parents and we are in a permanent state of exhaustion, who could possibly need help falling asleep? Let’s be honest though, at night when it’s dark and quiet and we have a second to ourselves to just be, we think. We think, and then we worry, and sometimes (read most times) stress. So while we would love nothing more than to sleep, sometimes we can’t.

There are many options to try and help ourselves get some sleep, like sleeping aids or even a good glass of wine but let’s be honest: these are not everyday options. Once I realized that it was stress keeping me from sleeping, I began trying out different tactics that would help calm and soothe me. Moms need some TLC too, not just our babies! Below are five tips to help us anxious moms get some z’s, and I hope you find them helpful and get some rest!

There are many types of meditation but I have found mindful meditation works wonders to help fall asleep. This couldn’t be easier. You simply lay in bed and be mindful only of your body. Concentrate on breathing and nothing else. You can concentrate on the sound of it, how it causes your chest to rise and fall, anything and everything about it. This helps you not go over your to-do list or anything weighing on your mind so that you can drift off to dreamland.

If you appreciate the scent of lavender, this is a wonderful tip that can be used in several different ways. You can rub some right behind your ears in a slow circular motion for a few seconds and then it is close to your nose for easy access to smells when you are taking nice deep breaths! You can also put a couple drops in a diffuser that will subtly fill the air with the scent periodically. 

If you aren’t familiar with this, it stands for autonomous sensory meridian response. This is a trend that’s recently gained more exposure on YouTube. The videos feature different types of sounds and visual stimulation. The sounds and motions are quiet and calming. This is not everyone’s cup of tea and the first time you try it may be odd to you. If you dont like it at first, give a few different ASMRtist a try as there are many different styles. One may not be as appealing to you while another may put you right to sleep after just a few minutes.

On average, those who exercise regularly, experience a better night’s sleep. Maintaining a regular exercise schedule reduces stress so whether you choose yoga, zumba, or just make time to walk outside, it will help you achieve a good night’s rest. Exercising also carries the added benefit of reducing your chances of developing the sleeping disorders restless leg syndrome and sleep apnea.

Okay, hear me out on this one. We try our best to create bedtime routines for our littles because we know that helps them get to sleep, so why on earth would we not have a routine ourselves? Much like the exercise tip, this is customizable to you. A bedtime routine can be as simple as taking a warm shower, and meditating five minutes before bed. Anything that is consistent, includes something calming, and preps you for bed.

Sweet dreams, Dallas Moms!


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