What If You Had A Personal Pediatrician 7 Days A Week?


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If you haven’t noticed, telemedicine is where it’s at these days. We have the technology, so let’s use it! A local concierge pediatric service called BabiesMD just launched, and I want to make sure we all know about it. Concierge sounds fancy, but what it means is unlimited direct access to your personal BabiesMD pediatrician. Just think how good it’ll feel to be able to text your pediatrician whenever you want. Talk about peace of mind!

Ok, so, what is BabiesMD?

Affordability, experience, convenience. One monthly fee ($20/month) gets you unlimited virtual visits, phone calls, and text exchanges 7 days a week with a highly-rated Pediatrician. No additional fees, charges, or co-pays. You’ll be able to talk with the same doctor each time, in order to establish that important relationship. And your BabiesMD pediatrician can call in any prescriptions your child may need. Note: Spanish and Hindi spoken as well.

I’m thinking of it as a bonus, on-call doctor. You’ll still want to keep a primary care pediatrician for vaccines, check-ups, and any other in-person needs. BabiesMD is for dealing with common occurrences that don’t always require an office visit, whether they’re pediatric urgent care or primary care concerns. We’re talking colic, pink eye, UTIs, digestive issues, developmental or behavioral questions, anxiety concerns, etc. Here’s a list of the types of conditions you can get help with at BabiesMD.

Who is BabiesMD for?

How many times have you observed something about your child and thought, “Hmm, is that normal?” I don’t even like using that word about children, but we’ve all had these thoughts. It’s really nice to be able to hop on a text or call with your pediatrician (an expert) instead of Googling random info online. That way lies madness, y’all. Don’t do it. BabiesMD is a better move!

Any family can benefit from their telemedicine services. They provide care for babies and children up to age 21. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you want the peace of mind that comes from knowing you have direct access to your pediatrician on evenings and weekends, no matter where you are?
  • Do you have a high deductible? Or are you uninsured at the moment?
  • Are you a new parent with a million questions?
  • Would you like to talk to your pediatrician without having to load all the kids in the car (and hang out in a waiting room during a pandemic)? Many doctor’s offices don’t even allow more than one parent/child combo right now…

BabiesMD is a great option in any of these circumstances.

BabiesMD pediatrician DallasMy Experience:

Let me quickly tell you about how it worked for me. I signed up at the website (took two minutes) and then got set up for my introductory video visit with Dr. Rashmi Jain. During our visit she invited me to her text portal link. This is the HIPPA-compliant and easy way you’ll reach out to your doctor going forward. No downloading involved, it’s just text messaging through your browser. I want to stress how user-friendly it was. And phone-friendly! Most of her clients do visits via smartphone. Can’t beat that convenience.

My favorite thing about BabiesMD is that this is direct access to your doctor. When you call up the pediatrician’s office, you very rarely speak to your actual pediatrician, right? Certainly not at first. The chain of command in a traditional pediatrician’s office can be frustrating. BabiesMD is more personal in the best way. 

I want to feel connected to my kids’ pediatrician. I want to feel like they are truly invested in my family’s well-being. Dr. Jain’s warmth and compassion came through from the first visit. BabiesMD is dedicated to personalized, attentive management of pediatric urgent care and primary care concerns. Any and all pediatric questions are welcome, 7 days a week. I encourage you to check it out!

Head to the links below for lots of good information. And feel free to call or text BabiesMD at (682) 500-1616 with any questions!

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