Thinking About a Peloton? 5 Reasons Why It’s Worth the Investment



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January means it’s time to pack up my holiday decor—along with some of the more indulgent habits I adopted over the past month. Whether you’re already digging into your New Year’s good habits or still trying to figure out your goals (or maybe you don’t set goals at all!), consider this: I recently got on the Peloton train, and if you’ve thought about upgrading your personal workout arsenal, I highly recommend trying a Peloton!

Everything I am about to share in this Peloton review is candid and completely unsponsored; just a look at why an average mom loves the app and the bike and thinks you might, too.

A little back story about my own fitness life:

I’ve always loved moving my body. I truly do love a good workout, and I find it to be so much more than attaining some perfect physique, as it takes care of my mind as well. I have done bootcamps and had gym memberships, practiced yoga, and moved with daily walks. It’s all so good, and I’ve found something to love about all of those forms of fitness.

When the pandemic hit in March 2020, I was at a loss as to how to incorporate my fitness routine at home (which at the time consisted of a gym membership and group fitness classes). I started running more and walking daily but found myself missing structure and a class setting with an instructor to lead me!

I had already been eyeing a Peloton bike, but it was the pandemic that really clinched the deal. My husband and I decided to invest in one, and we have both enjoyed the bike and the app the past two years. Peloton is now my primary form of movement and fitness. If you’re curious as to what Peloton is all about, I am here to share the reasons why I love Peloton for exercise and wellness.

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MORE than a Bike

We initially purchased the Peloton bike for an alternative cardio option to running. But I had no idea I would find so many other workout options on the app. I love that I can select a workout depending on how I am feeling—they truly have thousands of options, from barre to yoga, from weightlifting to body weight classes. I still love the cycling class options, and I have really come to love their guided outdoor audio runs.

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ATTAINABILITY and Convenience

Because the bike is in our house, it’s very low effort to get ready for a class. I throw on a sports bra and some leggings and I’m good to go. You can take live classes with other people or on-demand classes later. I also love the wide range of class times: Depending on your schedule, you can take five-minute classes all the way up to 90-minutes. Stack multiple 10-minute classes together or indulge in a 20-minute stretch! 

Encouraging STRONG, Not Skinny

The overall message conveyed by Peloton instructors is health, fitness, and strength-driven. That fitness is a lifestyle and not a crash diet. That you are worth the time, effort, and self-care to be a healthy and happy person! Never have I heard an instructor base a person’s worth on how they look or their jeans size—I have only ever heard words of encouragement and motivation. 

Badges, Artist Series, and CHALLENGES, Oh My! 

Our kids are motivated in their video and computer games by badges and achievements, and Peloton offers that same motivation for users. With monthly challenges, badge rewards, and artist series for music super fans, there are lots of cool badges to collect and rewards to earn, all while getting healthier. It’s definitely a win-win!

Alone AND Together

It is really fun to geek out with other Peloton users about instructors, classes, and the community of Peloton. I recently joined a Facebook group that offers daily programming and a monthly calendar of Peloton classes, which has been so fun, but honestly, I have been loving the group posts most! It may seem lonely to work out at home, but it offers so much convenience. And once you get talking with another Peloton user, you’ll see that it truly is a community.

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Growing up, I never considered myself an athlete. I danced and tried my best to avoid the timed mile every year in PE. It was in college that I realized just how powerful it can feel to accomplish a fitness goal. Zumba and my gym membership kept me sane early in my teaching career. It was a stroller fitness bootcamp that brought rhythm and camaraderie to my early years as a mom. Now, Peloton is providing me with self-paced, attainable, encouraging, flexible, and FUN classes that add another layer to my fitness journey.

I hope that this new year brings you a form of movement that you find fun and empowering. Because the goal of fitness shouldn’t be whether or not you have a fancy bike, but finding something you love that helps you love yourself even more!  

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