Peloton :: A Business Case for Parents


I remember a few years ago when my husband and I looked lustfully at the Peloton store in our local mall. The bike seemed so frivolous, so out of reach, and frankly silly at that point in time. Flash forward to 2020 when gyms closed down and our homes turned into the primary location of work, school, home gyms, and everything else. We decided to purchase a Peloton and I want to help you build your business case, in case you have been thinking about it, too.

Funny thing is, since our bike was delivered three weeks ago, I’ve come to realize that the Peloton club is not about exclusion. It’s much more focused on inclusion! This is why you might consider this investment. It might be more affordable than you realize!

I started more seriously considering a Peloton cycle when a colleague posted a link to the Peloton Value Calculator. I tested out the workouts on the app during their 90-day free offering and was really impressed with the quality of instruction and streaming. When I realized that my monthly auto-draft to the local YMCA for a family membership was $90+, it started to sink in that the bike would only cost about $4 more a month. That’s ONE Starbucks drink or ONE movie rental on Roku. Prior to that we were at LA Fitness and paid about $40 a person + $10 per child for childcare. At that rate, we’d be saving a few bucks!!

Why You Should Purchase a Peloton

You will save so much time! (And what parent doesn’t need that?!)

The value calculator also includes how much you save on travel time a month. I estimated 20 minutes to the gym and 4 workouts a week. But you also need to think of drive time, check-in, throwing your bag in a locker, grabbing a towel, and wiping down equipment afterwards etc. On the days when I needed childcare for my kids, that added more time. Not to mention the days we would wake up extra early to save a bike 30 minutes before class!  Based on the value calculator and rounding up for those other factors and weeks where we made more trips to the gym, I’m certain we’re saving about 8 hours a month. That’s a full workday a month, y’all!


I love to cycle outside and last year I trained and finished the MS150 from Frisco to Fort Worth, Texas. But it’s tough to find time to ride with my husband or a workout buddy, so I often go alone. I always text my husband before I leave if he isn’t home and I invested in RoadID bracelets with emergency contacts on them. I’ve definitely had a flat tire by myself before I was fully equipped to change it.  Between the Texas heat, huge wasps all along the bike trail (I.Can’t.With.Those.), and road conditions, there are days when I often wonder what would happen if I had an issue and needed help.


No matter what gets you psyched, Peloton has an option for everyone. I have been a member of almost every gym in town and if I liked the teacher’s style, their music was subpar, or vice versa. Or the time the class was offered wouldn’t work for me. With Peloton’s filters, it takes a few taps and you find a class with your favorite playlist, the style of instruction that works for you, and at the time where you’re most likely to give it your all.

Need a competitive environment? Add some hashtags or follow friends and work to keep up with them on the leaderboard or simply filter for your gender and age categories. Want to just watch that Netflix show you can’t ever make time for or listen to that podcast – then turn off the bike screen and you do you!



Tips and Tricks

Don’t sleep on the referral from a friend which will save you $100. And, your friend who already has a Peloton – they’ll get $100 Peloton credit. Win/Win! And, if you can prove that exercise is necessary for a health reason and have your doctor write a prescription, that can actually be used as a tax exemption.

Mamas, no matter how you do it, invest in self-care! You deserve it.





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