They’ve Thought of Everything! Pre-K at Trinity Christian Academy

This post has been sponsored by Trinity Christian Academy to bring you this experience. All opinions are 100% our own!

Have you heard?  TCA has a stunning new home. Their youngest learners to get the finest introduction to their education. Trinity Christian Academy opened its doors to a beautiful new Pre-K facility, August 2020. It is fully equipped with everything to meet your child’s learning needs, while also a cheery and playful space for them to grow and explore.

Trinity Christian Academy

Previously, TCA’s preschool program took place in the Lower School building where teachers and students had to share resources and coordinate activities as not disturb the older students. As you can imagine, this was not an easy task for wiggly 4-year-olds! It was also not ideal as Pre-K students by nature are noisy and learn through play.

Well now, thanks to the charming new facility, the life of the Preschool program is flourishing! It is joyful, noisy, and fun without the worry of interrupting anyone. “The kids are singing, jumping, dancing, and playing- what you want for them as four-year-olds.”says Lynn Klein, TCA Pre-K teacher.

Trinity Christian Academy

The Environment at TCA

The facility features 4 large classrooms with plenty of room for students to spread out and investigate centers through hands-on discovery. Each room highlights high ceilings and plenty of windows to let in light to create a warm and inviting environment for the children and teachers alike.  There is ample space in each classroom for students to proudly display their artwork along with plenty of storage for the teachers to stock learning materials.

The hallways contain perfectly sized cubbies for each child to keep their backpacks and jackets. This frees up more room in each classroom to display books and centers for inquisitive minds to explore.  Each classroom also has an appropriately sized bathroom, ideal for the needs of a Pre-K student.  More bathrooms are located in the hallway for both student and staff use.

Some more amazing features of the new Pre-K building include a fully equipped kitchen for cooking lessons, staff lunches, and a generously sized workroom for teachers.  The workroom is located directly outside of the classrooms. This means teachers can be within earshot while preparing lessons and materials during the student’s specials activities.

Safety and Security at TCA

Covered walkways allow easy access to the remainder of campus permitting direct entrance to shared spaces. This also allows for the isolation of young students which is vital for naps and quiet times. Students and staff are also safe and secure as TCA has taken extra measures to ensure protection for all.  Automatic locks are installed on both interior and exterior doors leading to the facility. Parents will have peace of mind when they leave their child for, possibly, the first time.

“Everything about our new classrooms makes them happy, warm places to learn and explore,” states Klein.  With the growth of the Pre-K program, TCA can now offer students an exemplary environment for both play and academics. Trinity Christian Academy prides itself on “educating and developing the whole person for the glory of God.” That begins at the Pre-K level.



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