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Fixed vs. Growth Mindsets at Summer Camp

This post has been sponsored by Cooper Aerobics to bring you this experience. Cooper Camps Help Kids Develop Lifelong Skills When it comes to a child’s...

Simple School Safety for Elementary Kids

Is it just me, or is it super overwhelming when we talk about school safety? Thinking about overall security, the different ways schools can...

Five Ways To Tame Teacher Trouble

I will always remember my first experience as a teacher. It was a Thursday evening, late August, which for me meant “Meet the Teacher...

Why We Are Skipping Kindergarten

I've always felt that the September 1 cut off for starting kindergarten was somewhat arbitrary. I get that there has to be an age...

5 Simple Ways to Boost Language Development

In college, I vaguely remember taking a course in linguistics all about language development in children.  Today, I'm raising a young toddler eager to talk,...

A New Kindergarten Mom’s Guide to Kindergarten

You are officially a New Kindergarten Mom. Congratulations! I was in your shoes exactly one year ago and I know exactly how you are...