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Moming is hard! SO many different experiences, options, choices, and decisions to make for some little person who depends on you. Moming as a black mom is extremely hard. Culturally there are a different set of worries and norms that black moms experience that other racial groups may not face. This is not to negate that other cultures have experiences that black moms do not experience, but is meant to address a fact that there are differences. Along with differences, there is a lack of mom groups, books, magazines, etc. that are dedicated to the black motherhood experience which brings a new set of challenges.  Where do I as a black mom go for safety? Who do I turn to when I need advice from someone who looks like me and shares similar experiences as me? 

Mahogany Momology is a new podcast that “addresses the concerns and carefree parenting of black motherhood and is available on iTunes, Spotify, and Google Music”.  It is a podcast for us (black mothers), by us (black mothers)! Podcast co-host Natasha Gordon stated in a press release “Currently, media representation in the crafting of black motherhood portrays a negative connotation. This podcast will not only discuss OUR joys, issues, but also delve into the social complexities that many African American mothers face daily.”


But is it good though? As a black mom, is this podcast something I really want to hear?

Yes. My answer is YES!

Now, I am a very hard critic; mostly because I get bored listening to people talk very easily; especially if the topics are uninteresting or the person about talking doesn’t sound completely educated on the topic. (I’ve yelled a few podcasts in my life) But I did not run across that issue when listening to Natasha and Melissa talk about issues that plague black motherhood. Now given, I may have a slightly higher buy-in because I am a black mom, the content, nevertheless, is great. The discussions are light with depth. I don’t feel like I got an appetizer and dessert with no entrée. No, I received the entire meal and the sweet tea was perfect.

Let me explain. Mahogany Momology touches the hard issues that other people shy away from for fear of “stepping on some toes”, but it’s done with tact and humor. It is a weekly hour where, after probably killing brain cells with reality television, I feel like I learn something and get a reality check. It’s a conversation with 2 girlfriends that I feel privileged to hear; privileged to be a part of because believe me, I am talking back and “Yesssss” the entire time. It is a reminder that as an educated black mother, the issues that are real to me, are also real to someone else, and its okay to talk about and try to find solutions.

Although this podcast is about the Black Motherhood experience, I think anyone who listens in can learn a lot from Mel and Tash. It’s a great podcast based out of Dallas, TX that is touching lives all around the world. Listen for yourself, and let me know what you think!!

To listen to the podcast, visit or via iTunes and Google Play Music.


Mahogany Momologists
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