Asia Bennett

Asia Bennett is a Texas native who received her Associate of Science in Biology from Midland College in Columbia, SC and she received both her Bachelor of Social Work and Masters of Social Work from the University of Texas at Arlington in Arlington, TX. Asia is an entrepreneur who owns both an event planning company, and a Baked GoodsCompany. Asia has an extensive background in the social services field, healthcare, and early childhood education but her love for helping others has kept her passion in the social work field. She is the mother of two beautiful children Garon, age 3 and Harlem, age 1, and wife of 10 years to Cedric. Even before becoming a mom, parenting has been ingrained in her soul, and she loves to just share her research, thoughts, opinions and much more when it comes to early childhood, and parenting. In her spare time, you can catch her baking, dancing, or at a baseball game/ gymnastics rehearsal with her kids.

But I Miss My Daddy…Dealing with Divorce

Recently, I have heard this comment so many times, and each time it breaks my heart. My husband and I divorced, and with this divorce, my children’s father moved to another state which left...
open letter to my daughter

Open Letter to My Daughter

I saw a video today, and the caption said “This is why I want a daughter”. In that moment, I thought about the little girl that I hold so dear to my heart and...
black history month

How Am I Celebrating Black History Month with My Children

  Black History Month is here, which means it is time to teach my children about their history. Let me fix that statement. Black History Month is here which means I am continuing to teach...

Don’t Touch My Child’s Hair!

Seriously, do not touch my child’s hair. I know this seems like a very petty statement, but it is truly how I feel. My daughter has been blessed with this headfull of thick, kinky,...
mahogany momology

The Black Mom Experience :: Mahogany Momology

Moming is hard! SO many different experiences, options, choices, and decisions to make for some little person who depends on you. Moming as a black mom is extremely hard. Culturally there are a different...
year-round school

Why We Chose Year-Round School

When school let out for summer vacation this year, I remember seeing the panic for many parents as they wondered what they were going to do with their children for the next two months....

Dear Future Me Mom :: A Letter to Myself in 10 Years

Dear Future Me Mom, How have things been? I can’t believe it has been 10 years and we have teenagers now!! It seems like only yesterday you were sitting on the couch wondering when they...

Mom Confession :: He Almost Ran Me Away from Church

  It is so important to know and be able to recognize the signs of predatory grooming of children.  This is a pretty heavy piece for me. I think I will just get right into...
Mother's Day

4 Perfect Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Every year as Mother’s Day comes along I get the dreaded question, “What do you want for Mother’s Day?” And every year, I can never think of a reasonable answer for that question. While...
motherhood vs. marriage

Motherhood vs. Marriage :: Winning the Battle

I am sure no one told me how hard it was balancing being a mother and wife. Okay, maybe one or two people warned me, but they definitely didn’t tell me that both motherhood...
Working mom life

Working Mom Life :: The Week I {Won} at Parenting

As a working mom there are many days that I go to bed and I feel like I just completely failed at motherhood. Many days I sit in my car and want to cry...
Black History

Black History :: What It Means to Me

Let’s be real, if you follow me, then you know one major thing, I love my Blackness. It is something that I own, something that I feel is truly me in its own special...