Stress-Free Thanksgiving: Cater It!


11214284_10100484236942627_300782690086158335_nI love to cook and Thanksgiving is always an exciting time to bust out both traditional and new recipes.  

But this year, our complicated family is celebrating more than one turkey feast.  For one of the meals, we are making things easy: catering in!  

To many folks, less stress means ordering out and we’re here to help.  Here’s a round up of Dallas Moms Blog’s favorite local haunts for a catered Thanksgiving Dinner.  (Be sure to note that many of these places require advanced orders, so don’t wait until the last minute to make your game plan.)


Celebration – This restaurant is known for its good home cooking, so why would you turn anywhere else than here for the ultimate home cooking meal? Celebration makes it easy with a set feast menu starting at $130 for meat, three sides, condiments, bread, and pie.  Add-ons are available at an extra cost.  Reserve your order by November 21st. 

Highland Park Cafeteria – You can order your entire meal from this Dallas cafeteria institution, but I especially recommend going to Highland Park Cafeteria for their pies.  My grandmother cried real tears of joy over their pecan last year.  Order by Monday of Thanksgiving week.  Pickups are available Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thanksgiving morning.  1200 N Buckner Rd

The Grape – The chef of Greenville Ave’s longtime-running bistro will personally cook your Thanksgiving dinner before you pick up.  Be on the lookout for the menu’s famous mushroom soup: it’s a crowd-stopper, no doubt. 2808 Greenville Ave

EatZi’s – Known for its gourmet take out, EatZi’s Market is a no-brainer on picking up individual sides or an entire turkey entree for the holiday.  Looking for a Texas twist? Throw down their Jalapeño Pecan Stuffing on the table.  Full Thanksgiving menu here.  Preorders are due by Tuesday, November 24th and seasonal menu items are available between November 19th-25th.

Central Market – This grocery store mecca is an obvious choice, but when something’s not broken, no need to fix it!  Get your order in early and be prepared for a zoo this time of the year.  And, you might even be able to sweet talk the concierge desk into meeting you at the door with your order. 

Kuby’s – The German restaurant may not be at the top of your mind when you are thinking about a traditional American meal.  But, it should be your stop for their turkey gravy.  Who wants to make it when the Kuby’s version is a home run?  Also, remember Kuby’s for smoked turkey and other sides such as Hungarian creamed corn. 6601 Snider Plaza

Two Sisters – This local catering staple has put together a traditional menu starting at $210 for 8-10 adults.  You need to do nothing more than pick up the entire feast (pie included) and put it on your table.  All orders need to be placed by November 23rd.  2633 Gaston Ave

Festive Kitchen – From rustic creamed corn to a salted caramel apple pie, this takeout gem has you covered.  Or do you want to appear as you did the heavy lifting? Pick up Festive’s pecan or pumpkin pie filling, fill a pie shell, and pretend like you spent days slaving away.  Brilliant.  The cut off for special orders is Friday, November 20th.  Check out their entire seasonal menu here.  3404 Rosedale Ave or 515 W Campbell Rd Richardson

Lockhart Smokehouse – Go Southern with a barbecued turkey on the table.  Lockhart accepts pre-orders for their meats along with side staples and holiday pies.  400 West Davis or 1026 East 15th St, Plano

Greenberg Smoked Turkey – This smoked turkey is my personal family favorite. Oprah’s too, as she made the meat a “favorite thing” years ago and the East Texas company was officially put on the map.  The frozen turkey arrives fully cooked/smoked on your doorstep where you will then have two choices: put it in the fridge and eat it chilled or let it thaw to room temperature.  Turkey orders are available online or I’ve also seen them freezers at Central Market.  Bonus: make this smoked turkey pate with leftover turkey. Trust me.

Cajun Fried Turkey Company – Who wants to buy gallons of peanut oil and risk burning down your house when you can let the pros inject spicy seasoning into your fried bird masterpiece?  The Cajun Fried birds are injected with orange juice, butter, and spices and all you have to do is thaw and eat.  Also check out the company’s tur-duc-hen’s, gumbo, and étouffée.  Looking for other options in the fried cajun world?  Word on the street is Razoo’s and even Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen also offer fried Thanksgiving options. Contact local stores for details.  14221 Proton Rd

Artizone – Round up your final details with the online grocery delivery service comprised of ingredients from local Dallas vendors.  We’ve raved about Artizone before and now is THE time to avoid the crowds and try it out.  Stock up on sweets from Emporium Pies, bread from Empire Baking Company, and cheeses from Scardello and Mozzerella Company, among many other native favorites.  If you haven’t tried Artizone before, use this link for a $15 off your first purchase.


And for those of you making plans to slave away in the kitchen, check out these recent posts for ways to stay out of the grocery store (ain’t nobody got time for that!) and have everything sent to your doorstep.


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