SHIPT Grocery Delivery Is a Time and Sanity Saver {+ Yearly Membership Giveaway!}

This post has been sponsored by Shipt. All opinions are my own, and I am happy to share helpful new businesses with Dallas Moms Blog readers.

As a mom of three older children, there have been countless times over the last decade that the weekly (or sometimes daily) grocery store trip has been the bane of my existence. 

As a new mom, you’re so busy trying to learn how to take care of this new little person in your arms that you can barely plan a meal let along write down a shopping list. 

As children get older, it doesn’t get easier. It now takes you twice as long because you have double (or triple) the amount of little fingers picking up every object along the aisles. And when they’re not with you…who wants to spend your “free mom time” grocery shopping?! 

But… we do it because we HAVE to or mouths don’t get fed. 

Well, not anymore! Shipt, which originated in Birmingham, AL is branching out to metropolitan areas, and Dallas is now on the list.  It’s a dream come true for not only tired, busy moms but for anyone who would rather skip the grocery store while having their carefully hand-chosen groceries delivered right to their door. (You might have to pinch yourself, but I promise you’re not dreaming!)  


I met Shipt shopper Candice at my local Kroger to get a behind the scenes look at how the company operates.  For a low annual membership fee of $99, Shipt customers get unlimited groceries delivered to their home without paying a delivery fee (for orders over $35.)  Tips aren’t even expected.  The service is also available on a monthly basis for $14 per month.  There’s a Shipt app to download for iOS or Google Play that allows customers to place orders, schedule deliveries, and pay on their smartphone.

Candice let me use the Shipt app on her phone to place a grocery order so I could see how the app works.  I think I said, “Wow, this is so easy! at least a half dozen times.  There are different categories of foods and products along with a search feature.  I added my entire list to the app in a matter of minutes.  The best part of it is that every single item in Kroger is available to add to my online cart. (Except alcohol and cigarettes which are excluded by law.)  Even if an item is not one of the choices currently available in the app I can create a special request.  I did this three times in my order, and it was simple.  For example, I always buy Private Selection center cut bacon, but it wasn’t one of the choices in the Shipt app.  I selected the special request button and typed it in. 

Candice matches the vanilla yogurt to my order on her phone.  The Shipt app makes it easy for the personal shoppers to accurately fill every order.
Candice matches the vanilla yogurt to my order on her phone. The Shipt app makes it easy for the personal shoppers to accurately fill every order.

The app is so highly interactive that along with special requests, the customer is able to add notes to any item in their order.  I instructed my shopper to choose bananas with a bit of green on them.  I placed fat-free blueberry muffin mix in my online cart but added a note that I would prefer regular over fat free if they had it.  The personal shoppers find this helpful and encourage customers to write as many detailed notes as they wish.

But what if the store is out of an item?  Again, this is a highly interactive experience.  The shopper can text the customer to ask for clarification or suggest a substitute for an unavailable item.  Candice said she usually sends a short text to let the customer know when she is at the store shopping for them.

One of the best things about Shipt is how highly trained the personal shoppers are.  They have to learn detailed procedures and pass tests regarding produce selection.  And they are constantly reviewed and rated by customers which is a smart quality control move by the management.  I personally watched as Candice picked up 6-7 bunches of bananas before settling on just the right ones for my order.

I know. . . it sounds too good to be true, but it gets even better.  

All orders are tax exempt.  Plus we’re talking about more than groceries because every item at Kroger is available.  It’s easy to restock shampoo, diapers, detergent, pet food,  etc.  Customers can choose their delivery time for as soon as an hour after the order is placed.  And it’s a one hour delivery window which means no waiting around or rescheduling your day.

Groceries can be delivered 7 days a week between 8AM-10PM; with the exception of certain holidays.

Having a personal shopper hand select and deliver groceries for your family seems like something only the rich and famous can afford.  That’s why I simply can’t believe how low the annual membership fee is.  You can even give memberships as gifts. {Ding! Ding! Ding!}  I can see this becoming the most popular baby shower gift!

Not only is Shipt a great service, it’s a job opportunity, too.  Shipt shoppers average $15-$20 an hour and choose their own flexible work schedule.  This would be an excellent part time job for moms wanting to earn extra income.  Candice told me how fulfilling it is to meet new people and really help them in a way that makes a difference in their lives.  She has had elderly customers cry with thankfulness at having their groceries delivered.DSC06446

The bottom line is this company has put together a thoughtfully planned, well executed grocery delivery service that seems like a bargain rather than a luxury.  The question is, what are we going to do with our extra time once we start sending Shipt to the grocery store for us? Visit to view the delivery area and read through the FAQ’s. 

When you’ve placed your first grocery delivery let us know what you think! 

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Disclosure: This post has been sponsored by Shipt, but it’s a service we’re excited to tell you about! All opinions above are 100% our own! 


  1. I was incredibly disappointed by the inconsistency of mark ups on items. The website states “prices will vary slightly from in-store prices”. This is open to interpretation. Perhaps the company thinks that 61% is a slight mark up, but I disagree. My suggestion for Shipt is to implement a blanket mark up price, and make it well known when promoting/advertising their service. Example: Annual membership price is $99. Each order will be charged a 15% mark up.


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