Back to Preschool :: What Should Make Your Target Shopping List (And What Shouldn’t)

This post was sponsored by GOJO Industries, the makers of PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.

It’s time to start thinking back to school, and while many parents might be feeling the stress of finding the right Crayola Crayons, three-prong folders, and pencil sharpeners, preschool parents will spend another year avoid the overwhelming responsibilities that comes with “back to school” shopping! 

For preschool parents, our biggest concern is whether our newly potty-trained child will show off that skill to his teacher and avoiding that always looming feeling of Mommy Guilt (even though we there’s absolutely NO reason to feel any)! 

So this season, as other parents spend hours huddled over their supply lists aimlessly walking the Target aisles, spend your time feeling confident as you shop for the bare preschool essentials–especially if it’s not your first year navigating the preschool experience! (We’ve got a first-timer list for you here!) 

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For Mom :: The “First Day of School” Outfit

Don’t be ashamed to admit it. Your child could care less whether they’re going to preschool in an adorable fall print dress or t-shirt and jeans. This is all for you moms and dads, but that’s okay! They’re only 3, 4, or 5 once, and this is your chance to capture these moments to look back on. The first day of school might be a disaster — child clinging to your leg, tears streaming down faces (from mom or child), but in 15 years, none of that will matter. You’ll see a memory of your sweet child as they were and that little outfit you thought looked so cute on them. Help those memories be their best by showing off a little for the camera; whether that’s in Smocked dress you spent hours bidding on or quick find in the Target boys’ section! 

For Child :: The Backpack

IMG_20150810_205752526Believe it or not, the right backpack and make or break your first day of school. This is probably the first “possession” your child will have the chance to take ownership of, so use that to your advantage to help make the school transition easier! I still remember the pride my 2.5 year old felt as he walked down the backpack aisle looking for the perfect bag to represent him. We went with something inexpensive and simple because I knew his personality would change from year to year, and as much as I wanted to select that backpack that I thought he’d like best, I knew this act would be important in helping him realize that he’d soon be a “student”.  Two years later, his backpack has been by his side for two years of preschool and countless overnight trips to Grandma’s. 

For School :: Supplies All Teachers Need

Okay moms, so you’re not completely off the hook on school supplies. If by chance your preschool asks for you to bring in supplies, make sure to do so! If your preschool doesn’t ask for supplies, this is a good time to start off on the right foot with your child’s teachers. After sitting on the advisory board of a local Richardson preschool, I can tell you their tuition is often competitively based and without much room to budget for extra supplies.

Here’s a few supply suggestions preschool teachers are always in need of:  

  • Construction Paper (Manilla & Color)
  • Crayons
  • Primary washable markers
  • Glue sticks or liquid glue
  • Kleenex
  • Craft Sticks
  • Play Dough 
  • And most importantly . . . 

The School Supply Must :: PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer

PURELL Advanced Hand Sanitizer Flip Top DallasMomsBlogIt’s our job as parents to make sure our child heads back to school (and stays) Happy and Healthy! That’s why so many day cares, preschools, and grade schools use PURELL® brand of products on a daily basis — because every teacher knows hands may NOT get washed after activities when they probably should. 

In addition to my standard PURELL® JELLY WRAP™ Carrier that stays on my Mommy Bag, I was excited to discover a whole new line of PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer products at Target this season that I’ll take advantage of at home and I’ll happily be gifting to teachers this Fall, like the PURELL® Hand Sanitizing Wipes. (You can even save a little by printing these online coupons!)

PURELL® invites you to visit your nearest Target for all of your back to school needs and then join them as they kick off this year’s PURELL 30-Day Challenge! Starting August 12, 2015 (that’s today!), we challenge you to use PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer each day for 30 days.

A recent study by a research team lead by Dr. Charles Gerba shows that using PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer virtually stops the transfer of germs within a home. So we’re challenging you to make it a part of your family’s regimen for the next month and beyond. Learn more about Dr. Gerba’s research study.

Use it at home before and after meals, after a cough or sneeze, after playing with pets, or playing outside. Then make sure to take it on-the-go for those restaurants, airports, and mall outings.

I’ll be participating with my family and will check back in on September 9th to let you know how we did!

I invite you to follow along using our Pinterest Board — which has more great preschool “musts” inspired by Target and follow on Twitter using the hashtags #PURELL30 and #PURELLChallenge!

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For a complete list of all PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer products, visit Target online and stock up at your nearest store. 

These are just my “must haves”!

What are a few items you find are essential as your child starts their preschool year? 


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by GOJO Industries, the makers of PURELL® Advanced Hand Sanitizer. The opinions are completely my own based on my experience.


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