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Chievres Commissary ribbon cuttingYou might find this scenario familiar: your pantry and refrigerator are bare. One or more of your children are asleep (while you’re driving in the car or stuck at home), and when they wake up, you know that everyone will want dinner! Or this: your baby/toddler is going through a tough phase and you know that you won’t make it all the way through the grocery store without a meltdown – the thought of the trek to the store and back, with the screaming that will entail, makes you want to take a nap of your own. What to do? At times like these, my mommy friends and I used to daydream about a grocery store that delivered. Wouldn’t that be great?!

Well, I am here to tell you that there are now several grocery delivery/drive-through grocery options available in the Dallas area, if you are willing to pay!

Schwan’s – growing up in East Texas, we were accustomed to “the Schwan’s man” coming around every other week to our neighborhood in his giant refrigerated truck. We had a catalog with a list of all the frozen foods Schwan’s offered, from which my mother had ordered ahead of time. The Schwan’s man brought her order straight to our door. I thought this company was a relic of my childhood until recently when a Schwan’s man appeared at my own front door! Now that I’m on his regular route, he comes to our door during my kids’ naptimes to drop off the food that I order online. Schwan’s service people (NOT all men – that was just my memory!) also keep a stock of certain very popular items, such as ice creams and meats, so that even if you forget to order ahead, they might still have what you want already on the truck when they stop by.

To find out whether you are in a delivery area:

Central Market – did you know that many Central Market locations have a personal shopper on staff who will take your shopping list, assemble the items, and meet you at the door? Of course, you do need to call ahead, and there is a fee that varies by store/shopping list. But, how awesome is that? If your baby {finally} falls asleep in the car, you don’t have to get out to pick up your groceries! Just call and give them your shopping list. By the time the little one wakes up, you’re home and dinner is covered. MAGIC.

Contact the Customer Service desk at your local Central Market for personal shopper participation and fees.

Braum’s – yes, the ice cream shop! Did you know that they also have small grocery sections called Fresh Markets? They won’t sell all of their groceries through the drive-thru, but they will sell milk. If you are in a pinch, have a child asleep in the car, and don’t care if your milk isn’t organic, you can stop by a Braum’s drive-through window and pick up a gallon on your way home.

To find the Braum’s near you:

Greenling – the most eco-friendly of the bunch, this company is like a farmer’s market that delivers! Not only do they sell (local, organic, or conventional) produce, but also local grass-fed meats, dairy, and even meal kits that come with all the ingredients pre-portioned. On your first delivery, you’ll pay a $10 deposit for a special green box that they’ll use to drop off your order for this and every future order. You can schedule recurring orders or you can order occasionally, as needed. They usually arrive in a Prius or other eco-friendly vehicle, and you do not even need to be home when they come by. They will drop off your order at the door or at a specified location. For cold items, you’ll need to provide a cooler or refrigerated bag. Prices and specific item availability vary by season.

To place an order, visit – and don’t forget to keep your eye on local group discount web sites like Groupon, Greenling will occasionally offer vouchers there.

I’m wishing you and your kids sweet dreams and great mealtimes!

Do you know of anything I’ve missed? What other grocery deliver options have you found in the Dallas area?


*NOTE* Dallas Moms Blog was not compensated in any way by any of the listed companies, either with product or income. These are just businesses we’ve learned about from experience and wanted to share with you!


  1. I will definitely be visiting the Braum’s drive through in the future — I hate running in the store after work with two hungry kids in tow just for a gallon of milk. Thanks for the tips!

  2. Doesn’t Schwann’s also have ready to cook meals? I REALLY might be trying this soon! I always seen the truck at my neighbor’s house and since she has 4 kids, I now know why! 🙂

  3. I’ve also used Artizone – great products from local stores!  These ideas work well when friends are sick or after they have a baby – it’s a great gift!

  4. I received an email this morning the Greenling is quitting DFW. I just found them 3 weeks ago and have been loving the service. Not sure what to do now. 🙁


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